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Public safety officers honored

February 19, 2007


Local policeman and firefighter honored today

Thirty-year-old veteran officer Jim Phillips receives this year's 'Fraternal Order of the Eagles Reverence for Law Award' while firefighter Nate Jamison was also honored with an award of excellence. Enlarge video

A Lawrence police officer and firefighter were honored Sunday afternoon for their service to the community and commitment to their professions.

Officer Jim Phillips of the Lawrence Police Department received the Reverence for Law award, and firefighter Nate Jamison of Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical was recognized with the Excellence in Fire Prevention and Medical Services award.

The awards are given annually by the Lawrence chapter of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, said Dean Brown, chapter president.

Phillips, a 30-year veteran of the police department, said he was quite surprised when he found out he'd been selected to receive the award.

"There are about 135 sworn officers in the department, and to be selected among all of them is special," Phillips said.

Phillips, who has worked the midnight shift his entire career, said the relationships he's formed with colleagues have made the job worth it.

Jamison is a somewhat less seasoned member of the fire department, but it seemed to be the consensus Sunday that he's destined for big things.

Fire & Medical Chief Mark Bradford, in recognizing Jamison's performance, said he believed Jamison was destined to wear the bugle insignia of a fire chief one day.

Jamison, who has been with the department full time for three years, said he was shocked when he found out he was to get the award - and still is.

Bradford said he put out a call for nominations for the award and received several responses, all of which suggested Jamison as the person most suitable for the award.

Jamison said the recognition was a terrific honor.

"I'm honored just to be on the department; it's an honor to receive the award," he said.

About 20 members of Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical attended the ceremony, which included a buffet lunch, as did 15 or so police officers. The two groups exchanged good-natured jabs at each other, but agreed they'd done a lot to become better public safety responders for the community.

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Fraternal Order of Eagles also recognized its volunteer of the year at the Sunday ceremony. Debbie Farthing, who was responsible for preparing all of the food at the ceremony, was recognized for her service.


parrothead 11 years, 4 months ago


As you note, when the Coroner's Inquest was held on that matter the shooting was ruled justifiable. Having attended that hearing as an interested party, I don't recall anything sounding the least bit like a cover up. It's been too many years to remember exactly what was said but I am sure there was testimony that Officer Bordman retreated/backed up as far as he could and shot when Sevier tried to stab him.

So, are you saying there was some kind of conspiracy between the police, the coroner and everyone else involved in the inquest? If so, to what end? What possible motivation could there be for them to not tell the truth? Surely the Lawrence Police Department would have offered up two patrol officers as scapegoats if they (the officers) screwed up.

Also, what makes you so sure Officer Phillips perjured himself? The statement over where he and the other officers were before they got to the house appears to have absolutely nothing to do with what happened at the house. So unless you were there and/or riding with Officer Phillips it seems to me your reliance on the statement and recollections of others is fundamentally flawed.

BlackVelvet 11 years, 4 months ago

Smitty will go to the grave convinced 100% that the LPD and the FBI have all conspired to cover this up. Smitty can't accept the fact that there was no cover up. Could things have been done a bit differently? Sure. But you can second guess and monday morning quarterback almost any situation and find something that can be done better. But a coverup? Nope.

skinny 11 years, 4 months ago

Here come the black helicopters again!

Plain and simple, it was suicide by cop.

Get over it!

AmyR 11 years, 4 months ago

Smitty-(Cinthia) Get over it. I agree with skinny and apparently so do the people who reviewed the case. I often read your posts and really do believe you have some sort of agenda. You appear to be an idiot. Amy

AmyR 11 years, 4 months ago

Smitty-Your spelling stinks as well.

parrothead 11 years, 4 months ago


I suggest you watch one of those public television shows about autopsies, not those banal CSI versions, and you'll learn that no one can predict the path of a bullet when it enters the human body. What was demonstrated at the hearing was that Sevier was shot from the front and the side almost simultaneously by the two officers. That means he had wounds at a 90 degree angle from each other and their respective locations depend solely on which officer's weapon they came from, NOT some cover-up by the Coroner or the Lawrence Police Department. I think that pretty well explains your concern about the "90 degree difference."

As for the two officers going to Olin's car, was anyone else with them? My guess is given the nature of such an incident there was likely at least one other officer with them trying to help them deal with the situation. Also, were they told to wait by the car or in the car? Was one told to sit in the car while the other stayed outside? You seem to imply there was some kind of conspiracy because your interpretation of the available evidence shows what you believe is a procedural violation.

My take on it is very different. For starters, from the accounts I've seen, a police officer involved in a shooting doesn't act anything like what you usually see on TV and in the movies. They are shaken up by the incident, even when as in this case it was clearly self defense, and have a difficult time accepting that they were just forced to take a life. I wasn't there, but I suspect the time the officers spent at Olin's car was more a matter of beginning to come to terms with the event than anything else.

Lastly, I agree with the others who have commented on your diatribes. You have an agenda against the Lawrence PD for some reason or another and you have difficulty engaging in civil discourse. Why else would you use terms like "coproaches." Shame on you for denigrating such a noble profession as police work. They're the only ones willing to take on the murderers, robbers, rapists and other assorted bad guys while protecting your right to carp about how they do their job. Constructive criticism is a good and helpful endeavor. What you do is spread rumors and innuendos and that's disgraceful.

domovik 11 years, 4 months ago

In what way does this one case have anything to do with the rest of this man's career? Does it make him less deserving or are you people just that bored that you need to bring something up to harp about that happened back in 1991? You can't change the past.

roadrunner 11 years, 4 months ago

I don't think Jim Phillips has any emotional baggage and neither does Bordman for that matter. The only time they have any troubles is when someone like Smitty can't "Let it go" and drags their name through the mud.


Way to go Jim!! You deserve this award for all your hard work and putting up with BS from people all these years!

That is what this story is really about, right?

onesmartpuppy 11 years, 4 months ago


I agree with you 100%. Jim has let this go! So should everyone else for that matter!

Jim, I am very proud of you. You have deserved this award for many years! I could not think of anyone else that deserved it better than you in 30 years!

BlackVelvet 11 years, 4 months ago

As Jim's brother, I must say I'm super proud of his achievements!

onesmartpuppy 11 years, 4 months ago

Marquisdesade, get a life! Jim has not forgotten the situation, nor does he have serious issues. He is only human! NO officers wants to shoot anyone, but they are to protect us and their partners. You have no idea how it felt for Ted or Jim for all these years, but they did move on with their lives as should you! You should put yourself in that situation and think "who would I want to protect me" I am sure and I bet others would say, I want Jim to protect me and my family! Keep up the great work Jim!

BlackVelvet 11 years, 4 months ago, if someone were to charge at you with a knife, you'd stand there and let them cut you? stab you? kill you? goody for you. Most people would not do that. Police Officers are not going to do that. I can guarantee you that those officers felt really bad about what they had to do, but they aren't going to roll up into a ball and sit in a corner in the dark the rest of their lives. The person who came at them with a knife created the situation, and the officers responded appropriately. And if I gave you "bad vibes" I guess that's your problem. And no one else's.

onesmartpuppy 11 years, 4 months ago

Way to go MichaelJ - I couldn't have said it any better. I am glad that some of these people aren't out there "to serve and protect" me!

parrothead 11 years, 4 months ago

Murder, Marquisdesade? While you are correct in that "there is no honor in murder," remember that the law defines murder as: "the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought." In fact the Ten Commandments include "Thou shalt do no murder." (Which some people erroneously interpret as "Thou shalt not kill" which is another discussion entirely.)

But, killing another person in self defense or the defense of another is, and has been consistently, recognized by courts of law around the world as "justifiable homicide" or some variation thereof. So, unless you have evidence that the officers entered that residence with "malice aforethought" to kill someone, than your statement is incorrectly applied to them. I don't make a habit of getting into life and death situations but I would certainly do my best to defend myself against a person attacking me with a knife whatever their motivation may be. And that, plain and simple, is not murder in any rational person's thinking.

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