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Former KU recruit, who lost his foot, has died

Chris Lindley lost foot in 1990 train accident

February 15, 2007


A former Kansas University basketball signee has died.

Chris Lindley, 34, who had his foot amputated in January of 1990 after a train accident, died at Lawrence Memorial Hospital after being transported from a home he was living at in East Lawrence.

Lindley lost his foot, and his chance of playing basketball at KU, after falling under a train. He attended high school at Raytown South before signing a letter of intent to play at KU.

Police conducted a death investigation Thursday afternoon, but Sgt. Paul Fellers, a department spokesman, said that the death did not appear to be suspicious.


bangaranggerg 11 years ago

WOW.... wooooooooow. wow. oh, man.

Aimee Polson 11 years ago

Is this the same Chris who worked at the Jackpot and Replay a while back?

manofleisure 11 years ago

I just heard this on the news and was devasted. I have known Chris for years. He was a wonderful fellow, one who never spent a bunch of time crying about what happened to him, loved watching European soccer and always knew his hoops. We had more than our share of good times over the years, shooting the breeze at Teller's and laughing like there was no tomorrow. Sasquactch 34 says that Chris was one of the nicest people he head ever met. Both my wife and I concur. Very, very sad.

quietgirl 11 years ago

A very sad day indeed! I too had a chance to meet him many years ago. He always remembered me when we would meet again. He was a very nice, sincere and positive person.

11 years ago

chris was the mostly carefully kind person i have ever met. i don't think i've ever heard him say a bad thing. he was friendly to anyone and everyone that came across his path. he had such a calming influence on people.

beaglicious 11 years ago

Chris was so much more than "the former recruit who lost his foot". He was kind, intelligent, had a wonderful sense of humor, and contributed to the Lawrence community in so many ways. He worked with people who had developmental disabilities, he worked most recently for a local non-profit respite care agency, he was fluent in Spanish, he loved (good) movies and music and people. He adopted a little stray dog named Maggie and took her everywhere, he adored his family and his girlfriend of almost 10 years. He was a proud uncle. He was an excellent cook who loved feeding his friends. He had a deep faith in God, and was always up for an intellectual/philosophical debate. He will be deeply missed by many people in this community for many many more reasons than his association with KU basketball. He was a wonderful, loving friend with whom we shared many good times and much laughter. (We love you, Chris & Angie... from Kalli and Beck)

thubbard76 11 years ago

I used to work with Chris for a short time, and I can't tell you how much this saddens me. He was a stand up guy that never had a bad word to say about anyone.

yellowhouse 11 years ago

A Moment In Time by David E. Dessner

Every moment in time, is a memory fastened to it's own conception if you stretch the mind, I'm sure you will find it changes with each perception

So briefly you surface, to catch the wind and see the light of day to glory in the love of God before you're swept away

For soon the world will be forgotten when tears no longer spill and in the hearts of precious few your place is left to fill

So it matters not, how the life is lost with all it's pages written the question to ask, is only the cost and what side of death you'll be sittin

Lydia Diebolt 11 years ago

Well said Kal and Beck. My sentiments exactly.

daydreem2876 11 years ago

i worked at the group home with Chris when he first began to work with people with disabilities. It was hard work but we were definitely a team. It takes a very special person to do this work and he was indeed. He had such a giving spirit and would share it with consumers at every opportunity. For the time we were friends, I can truly say there was none better. Although I haven't seen or spoken to him in years it pained my heart to hear this on the news this morning. I fully agree with Kal and Becks sentiments that he was so much more than a basketball player who lost his foot. If you knew him you knew that. The Lindley family is in my prayers.

lilbit 11 years ago

Chris was an amazing guy! I worked for him out at Trinity for the past year and he was always such a sweet, caring, considerate guy! He always had a smile on his face and never had anything negative to say. I went to get my paycheck at work today and was informed of the terrible news...I was shocked and devastated! I just can't even believe this is true...he's really gone? I still can't comprehend that someone so great, and so young, such as Chris is really gone!? Now who will I go and talk to for 10 minutes about the weather or sports or anything, everytime I pick up my paycheck? Who is going to TRY to fill that empty spot at that desk that was so graciously filled by Chris!? This is a very sad situation and I send out my thoughts and prayers to Chris's family and friends! You never realize how great people are until they are gone...I hope people can look at this situation and not take the little things in life for granted, such as friendship! R.I.P CHRIS! YOU WILL BE MISSED! -Kylee

James Hubin 11 years ago

Don't have too much to say, Chris was a good man that had plenty to offer the world and the Lawrence community. He brightened any room he was in and his presence will be greatly missed.

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