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Count tallies more than 400 homeless in Lawrence

February 14, 2007


6News Now

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In tonight's 6News and tomorrow's Lawrence Journal-World, a recent count finds more homeless living in Lawrence than ever before, and the State Board of Education implements new guidelines for seclusion rooms.


Sandman 11 years ago

Can we finally admit that homeless come to Lawrence because we provide services? Or do we still claim we provide services because there are homeless in Lawrence?

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

shhhhhhhh! sandy, you're not supposed to mention "if you build it, they will come!"

in the prev article ozark (sp?) said "homeless" strikes fear into people...and cited this paper's commenters. I for one really take up that and toss it out. not fear. rather, I don't want to see services making people more comfortable on the way to self-distruction. the exception is the SA.

finally, I think this number is up from other recent counts of 200+ and about 300. more, or just better counting? glad there are now some social workers working with this population to get some moved out of homelessness. unfortunately, as for people like Louie and the "hole in the head gang" homelessness is a lifestyle choice. we should stop supporting this lifestyle choice for self-distruction.

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