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Lawrence schools closed; sporting events will continue

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Michael Jacobson, 9, left, and his brother Griffin, 11, shovel the sidewalk next to their East Lawrence home after a overnight snow of a couple inches fell on Lawrence. The brothers were shoveling Tuesday morning after learning that their school and other Lawrence schools had been cancelled due to the snow.

Michael Jacobson, 9, left, and his brother Griffin, 11, shovel the sidewalk next to their East Lawrence home after a overnight snow of a couple inches fell on Lawrence. The brothers were shoveling Tuesday morning after learning that their school and other Lawrence schools had been cancelled due to the snow.

February 13, 2007, 12:05 a.m. Updated February 13, 2007, 11:43 a.m.


Michael Jacobson, 9, left, and his brother Griffin, 11, shovel the sidewalk next to their East Lawrence home after a overnight snow of a couple inches fell on Lawrence. The brothers were shoveling Tuesday morning after learning that their school and other Lawrence schools had been cancelled due to the snow.

Michael Jacobson, 9, left, and his brother Griffin, 11, shovel the sidewalk next to their East Lawrence home after a overnight snow of a couple inches fell on Lawrence. The brothers were shoveling Tuesday morning after learning that their school and other Lawrence schools had been cancelled due to the snow.

Lawrence public schools are closing today due to winter weather.

"Transportation-wise, some of the roads are not passable," said Julie Boyle, the school district's communications director.

Late in the morning, though, the district announced that:

¢ Lawrence High versus Olathe North boys' and girls' basketball will be held tonight as scheduled at LHS.

¢ Lawrence Free State High versus Shawnee Mission boys' and girls' basketball will be held tonight as scheduled at LFSHS.

¢ Wrestlers at both high schools will practice this afternoon. Coaches will inform their wrestlers of those practice times.

The Lawrence area received about four inches of snow overnight, according to Matt Elwell, 6News meteorologist.

Other area school closings today include:

¢ Princeton Children's School.

¢ Sunshine Acres Montessori.

¢ Lawrence Arts Center Preschool.

¢ Corpus Christi Catholic School.

¢ Lawrence Head Start.

¢ Eudora schools.

¢ Perry-Lecompton schools.

¢ Baldwin City schools.

¢ McLouth schools.

¢ Santa Fe Trail schools

¢ Wellsville schools.

¢ Ottawa schools.

¢ Tonganoxie schools.

¢ Oskaloosa schools.

¢ Basehor-Linwood schools.

¢ Small World International Preschool.

Other area cancellations:

¢ Lawrence Memorial Hospital 'Meals on Wheels' will not have service today.

¢ Montessori Children's House of Lawrence.

¢ Montessori Discovery Place.

¢ Douglas County Senior Services. ALL services canceled including home delivered meals.

¢ The La Leche League meeting for tonight has been canceled.

¢ Stepping Stones Child Care Center is closed.

¢ All afternoon and evening Atrium sessions held at St. John the Evangelist Church are canceled.

Quail Run Elementary School pancake night this evening is canceled and rescheduled for Thursday, Feb. 15, at the same time.

Dazzler Christian Dance, all classes Tuesday are canceled.

Other area delays:

¢ Pinnacle Career Institute - Lawrence: Opening 1 hour late.

¢ Independence Inc. - No transportation, office opens at 9 a.m.

¢ The UMW Connection Event at First United Methodist Church has been postponed until Tuesday, February 20th.

If you have a closing or postponement to announce, let us know. Send an e-mail to, with this subject line: WINTER WEATHER CLOSING.


tjgould 8 years ago

Sunshine Acres is a MONTESSORI school, not a monastery.

Jeanne Cunningham 8 years ago

dee66044 -

NOT at the last minute. The notices were out at 5:30 am...

countrygirl 8 years ago

So if the notices were out at 5:30, why did it take until 6:41 to get posted on here?

Wilbur_Nether 8 years ago

6:41 is the time the postings were updated, countrygirl, not the time the original post was placed.

dee66044 8 years ago

At the last friggin minute- AGAIN.

mom_of_three 8 years ago

Normally, I think the school district is too safe with snow and ice, but as I am sliding on the side streets, I am glad my kids are home.

conservative 8 years ago

They may have made the decision before 6:00 but all the Kansas City Stations and at least 1 Topeka station didn't have Lawrence listed as closed until after 6:45. I'd say there is still a problem with the Lawrence School District getting the information out to the public.

mjk123 8 years ago

Unfortunately not everyone has access to a computer at home. While it was likely posted at 5:30 on the Ljworld website at 5:30, it did not show on the Kansas City stations until 6:41, and that is unacceptable. I was going on the assumption that my children had school, then had to scramble. I was watching the stations that USD497 says is one of their places they contact.

Jeanne Cunningham 8 years ago

So, here are some other ideas:


How do I find out if schools are closed?

Tune into area radio and television stations for frequent school closing announcements. Web sites are another resource. Most media do not announce if schools are going to be open. If there is no announcement, it islikely classes are in session. If a decision is made the night before, the Lawrence Journal-World will include school closing news.

The district posts school closing announcements on its Web site ( and answering machine at 832-5000. World Online ( shares the information via the Web.Sunflower Broadband (channel 6) and Lawrence Radio stations - KLWN, AM-1320, KLZR, FM-105.9 and KANU, FM-91.5 carry announcements within moments of notification.

The district also notifies Topeka television and radio stations. In addition, Lawrence Public Schools are part of the Kansas City Area Emergency School Communications System, which provides announcements on most Kansas City radio and television stations, including channels 4, 5 and 9. Those stations carry a moving line across the bottom of the screen to provide school closing information.

OR, when all else fails, if YOU think it's too cold, too dangerous or just too inconvenient - it is YOUR choice to keep YOUR kids at home, independent of what anyone else might be doing.

Althea Schnacke 8 years ago

Hmm, all the stations I watched at 6 this morning had the information. Channel 9 from KC and two of the Topeka stations

roger_o_thornhill 8 years ago

What is it about snow that turns people's brains to mush? And how many snow days is that now 10-12? The roads are fine, it is the drivers that are the problem.

Lee Saylor 8 years ago

My kids woke me up at 6am to tell me. They found out from the TV.

countrygirl 8 years ago

I didn't hear anything about Lawrence being closed until I was already at work at 7 this morning. I had Topeka TV and KC and Topeka radio stations on, and none of them mentioned Lawrence being closed. Makes me glad my child goes to a district outside Lawrence.

conservative 8 years ago

I was aware, because I did in fact check out the website, however I can easily see how someone would be getting their kids ready for school when it isn't listed on the major networks. As of 6:45 I still had not seen it on fox4, KCTV5, Channel 8 out of Topeka, or Channel 14 (KC NBC). On each station it would skip from Lathrop to Lawson. Lawrence USD497 was not listed. There are still households in Lawrence without internet or cable and therefore don't have access to the website, channel 6, or channel 26.

The Lawrence school district continues to do a poor job of getting the information out.

daddax98 8 years ago

it's like regular dance with more guilt

weedwacker 8 years ago

I live in the country, and have no cable and no internet. Channel 9 had it on at 6:15 this morning running across the bottom. You may need to stay and watch for awhile since L seems to take awhile, but it was there by 6:15. If nothing else, listen to the Lawrence radio stations, they had it on early this morning. Again, so what if the kids were up and ready to go by 6:45 when they found out. They usually can go back in the house and find something else to do. What a lame thing to be upset about!!

Hilary Morton 8 years ago

Thanks, Weed. Listen to the radio. Watch Channel 6, you know, the LOCAL news? Stop searching for things to complain about. Or, better yet, I'll give you something: Still lots of potholes on the roads in Lawrence. Begin!

8 years ago

My 8 year old is now a Dazzler's girl. She's been dancing with a group since 3 years old but this is her first year with Dazzler's. I am so glad we found Dazzler's since they teach team spirit. I also really like the fact that they don't use the grinding, shoulder shimmies and barely legal costumes that some other dance troupes use. Young girls don't need to do that stuff to compete in dance.

lawrence_citizen 8 years ago

I heard about the closing on 105.9 before 6:00 am. Why listen to Topeka and KC stations for Lawrence closings?

8 years ago

Van Go Mobile Arts is closed today. This includes all JAMS and the Have a Heart gallery.

mom_of_three 8 years ago

It was announced earlier this morning. My husband came in at 6:30 and it was already announced. He was watching channel 6.

If you didn't find out until too late, it probably isn't the first time, and I would be looking for another way to find out about school closings.

onehotmomma 8 years ago

They don't list the school closing alphabetically, they are done numerically by USD. And I saw the Lawrence closing announced on Channel 13 at 5:45 a.m.

SoundMind 8 years ago

Kansas City television stations normally don't list school closings by "USD" since those stations broadcast closing for both Kansas schools and Missouri schools.

trinity 8 years ago

scenebooster, dada-y'all made my DAY with the "Christian dance" comments! :)

lawrencechick 8 years ago

Classic Americana- too dangerous for school, but sporting events will go on.

Christine Pennewell Davis 8 years ago

only bad thing today was my sis waking me up to watch er kids, love the kids but she needs a job that starts later on snow days so I can sleep in.

weedwacker 8 years ago

Sound, you are correct. Only a few stations list closings by USD. The KC channels list them by name. Again, like citizen said, WHY listen to a KC or Topeka channel to see if your Lawrence school is closed. KLWN always does a great job at getting that out early, and repeating it. There was one time this year they district didn't get it out early and they apolgized for it. Let's grow up people and take on a little bit of responsibility!

conservative 8 years ago

weed, I'll say it again. I was aware the schools were closed. I do think however that with a district that has already taken heat due to making late decisions and not getting the information out that they again did a poor job of letting all the stations for the area know.

Great they let the Lawrence stations know, but didn't communicate well with the surrounding areas. I'll give them a D+.

How hard is it really for them to get the distribution list correct to send out an email to the appropriate newsrooms? 200+ other schools were on the KC tv lists including Eudora at 6:00 but somehow Lawrence can't figure out how to do this.

ksmoderate 8 years ago

32 comments on this thread and only ONE points out the idiocy of cancelling classes but going ahead with the sports.

That is the most bass ackward thing I've discovered about Kansas since moving here 5 years ago...schools cancel classes here at the drop of a hat because of weather, but still choose to put the lives of kids, coaches, bus drivers, and parents at "risk" by not cancelling games. Not to mention using our taxpayer money to pay the bus drivers and use the fuel for the buses! Ridiculous. Absolutely moronic!

just_another_ninja 8 years ago

They cancel classes because not all roads are clear, right? Especially the smaller, more rural roads.

I guess the school came and dug out all of the 1st teamer athletes so they could make it to the game.

Agree. Sounds strange that the game goes on. Especially when we could be getting more snow tonight and what's wet now will surely freeze once again.

Good luck to the athletes and safe travel!

weedwacker 8 years ago

conservative, you crack me up! My, we are a bit testy today. How do you know that Lawrence didn't get it out to the KC and Topeka stations? Like lawrencecitizen said, listen to the "local" channel if you are wanting to know what is canceled for this school district. The channel 9 in the past has said not to rely on them, they get in so many emails and faxes by the time they get them up on their banner for closings, usually the kids have already heard.

bmwjhawk 8 years ago

The last time you people complained, Weseman canceled classes for the next-- perfectly clear-- day.

So, make your sitter plans now.

KS 8 years ago

lawrencechick - Could not have been said better. We certainly know where our priorities are. Education, no, sports, yes. No wonder our world is screwed up.

compmd 8 years ago

Roger, you're right. I have laughed countless times at soccer moms in their fancy looking "extreme" 2WD SUVs with crappy differentials as I handily and safely passed them in my beater Volvo.

I REALLY enjoyed passing a Nissan Xterra that was stuck ON THE ROAD at 24th and Ousdahl this morning and a Cavalier that was spinning its wheels there and not moving this evening.

Maybe the drivers license test should have a couple questions about torque and friction.

Maybe those who drive manuals should learn about the wonders of the "don't suck in snow" pedal they can push with their left foot.

Maybe people should stop worrying about how fast their SUV can get to 60 and think about how much it will suck in snow and how embarrasing it is to have a goofy looking old eurobeater outhandle them in snow and ice.

Cancelling school for this little snow is a joke. An honest to god joke.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 8 years ago

When school is cancelled in this kind of weather it takes quite a few vehicles and buses off the streets during rush hour, and allows those who have to deal with the slick roads less traffic to deal with. If the students have to go longer in the spring to make up the days, it's no big deal. We don't live in a agricultural society anymore. None of these kids have to help with the planning.
By the way, KPR was announcing the closing by 6:00. It's also a local station. Move to KC if you can't deal with the local businesses.

vgdana 8 years ago

My grandsons on the front page of their hometown paper? Good gosh ~ and they're working? Will wonders never cease...

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