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Report your winter weather closings

We’ll post them online and on 6News

February 12, 2007


The forecast calls for one to three inches of snow by Tuesday morning.

That kind of weather often means winter-weather closings.

If you have a closing or postponement to announce, let us know. Send an e-mail to, with this subject line: WINTER WEATHER CLOSING.

We'll do the rest.


captain_poindexter 11 years ago

I hereby close my drive way. reports have shown significant freezing and negligence in shoveling.

Nikki May 11 years ago

really? A bit early to close stuff isn't it?

conservative 11 years ago

punkrockmom, I'd agree it's early to close things for tomorrow, but I'm sure a number of meetings were cancelled for tonight. I know of at least one brownie meeting that should have been cancelled. The roads coming home a few minutes ago were REALLY bad.

Nikki May 11 years ago

I got home before 7, so I guess I missed that stuff. It's looking a bit slushy now I guess.

blobaum 11 years ago

Dear Chancellor Bob,

I have a paper due tomorrow. I missed class all of last week. I have no clue what said paper is to be written on. Cancel classes Bob-O.

justsomewench 11 years ago

probably has something to do with being paid by the hour at a handsome off-shift rate, i'm guessin'.

blobaum 11 years ago

The snowplows in Lawrence are assigned as follows:

First 10 hours after accumulation begins: - 1 plow going E on 23rd St from Kasold to Harper - 1 plow going W on 23rd St from Kasold to Harper - 1 plow going N on Iowa from 31st to 6th - 1 plow going S on Iowa from 31st to 6th

Next 10 hours: - 1 plow on Iowa going both ways - 1 plow on 23rd going both ways - 1 plow taking major E/W streets (6th, 15th, 19th) - 1 plow taking major N/S streets (Kasold, Mass, Haskell, Harper) - keep in mind the last two are only allowed to do that if and when Iowa and 23rd look like an Arizona highway on a hot summer day

Next 10 hours: - 1 plow taking both Iowa and 23rd St - 1 plow taking major N/S and E/W streets - 2 plows taking selected side streets in Lawrence in the square comprised by sides Kasold, 6th, 23rd, Mass

Next 10 hours: - drinking binge

Next 10 hours: - plow remaining, if and only if Iowa and 23rd have been plowed "properly", which is defined as a car going 55 can pull a perfect U-Turn while slamming on breaks.

compmd 11 years ago

closing stuff for 1 to 3 INCHES.? What the heck are people thinking? When faced with a challenge, give up?

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