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City seeks information on KDOT road funding

February 7, 2007


City commissioners made it clear Tuesday evening that they want to consider their options on how to use nearly $700,000 in state transportation money designed to improve problem intersections.

Commissioners at their weekly meeting directed staff members to ask several questions of the Kansas Department of Transportation to determine whether the city could deviate from recommendations made by KDOT and still receive the funding.

KDOT had identified the intersections of 19th Street and Naismith Drive, Ninth Street and Avalon Road, and the area around Sixth and Iowa streets and McDonald Drive as intersections that could be eligible for up to $700,000 in state funding.

But the state recommended roundabouts for 19th Street and Naismith Drive and Sixth Street and McDonald Drive.

Mayor Mike Amyx asked staff members to discuss whether the state would be open to other solutions or would consider examining other intersections in the city that are in need of safety improvements.


Richard Heckler 11 years, 3 months ago

The state is offering money Lawrence should take for the specified projects. Take it or Lose It.

What I saw in the LJW for 6th&McDonald is a very smart project. It would prevent left turns heading west which ties up traffic galore. Left turns would be diverted to the McDonald Drive ramp and come back on to sixth under the sixth street bridge which keeps 6th street westbound traffic moving.

9th street and Avalon could use the assistance the state is offering so my suggestion would be to take it. Traffic gets backed up big time at this location as well.

A 19th and Naismith roundabout would keep traffic moving all the time. Too many times a very few cars are stopped for traffic lights when a well designed round-a-bout could keep the intersection free flowing.

Take the money, improve the intersections and run. It's too many useful dollars to shy away from. These are old intersections that were not designed for new Lawrence growth. Lawrence drivers can cope with educated driving.

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