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Kidnapping suspect charged with molesting

February 6, 2007


— A Missouri man accused of kidnapping two boys and holding one for more than four years was charged Monday with molesting them nearly 70 times.

The charges were the first time authorities have openly accused Michael Devlin of molesting the children.

Devlin, a 41-year-old pizzeria manager, was charged in Clayton with 69 counts of forcible sodomy, all felonies and each punishable by up to life in prison.

St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCullough said 17 of the counts related to 13-year-old Ben Ownby, who disappeared Jan. 8, and the remaining counts were related to Shawn Hornbeck, now 15, who was abducted in 2002.

McCullough said the evidence includes interviews with all of the people involved. "Devlin acknowledged committing these acts," McCullough said.

Both boys were found Jan. 12 inside Devlin's apartment in the St. Louis suburb of Kirkwood.


Crispian Paul 11 years, 1 month ago

Parkay, First off, the source of your post that you have quoted tell me all I need to know...."" you think it's possible there is an agenda there?

A) Gay people actually, by most current estimates, make up 10% of the population.
B) Being gay and being a pedophile are not the same things. Having an attraction to children, male or female, makes one a pedophile. In general, pedophiles are not concerned or interested in sex with an adult. That makes them a pedophile and not gay. Gay men want to have sex with gay MEN, pedophiles want to have sex with children....stop spreading bogus ideas around to support's agenda and campaign against homosexuals.

porkchop 11 years, 1 month ago

Wow...where to start? The fact that not just one, but both of your numbers are very wrong? The fact that your statement, even if true, wouldn't prove the point I think you're trying to make? Make up something myself, that's demonstrably untrue but just sounds logical, like, "Evangelical Christians make up just 15% of the U.S. population, but over 45% of the undiagnosed schizophrenics in the country?"

amazed 11 years, 1 month ago

Who cares how many people are gay? This sick twisted b*stard needs to die, period. This has nothing to do with homosexuality.

KsGirl 11 years, 1 month ago

Too bad these two boys have thier private lives printed all over the newspaper.

BrianR 11 years, 1 month ago

Parkay, please get professional help.

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