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Change needed

February 6, 2007


To the editor:

We cannot stop global warming, but if we act immediately and quickly, scientists assure us that we can reduce the size of the calamity. Now, for our children and grandchildren, let us screw our courage to the sticking place and do the right things. Communities across the country are already at work, and we in Lawrence should join them to do at least the following:

¢ Reduce energy consumption and emission of heat-trapping gases. Walk, bike and use the T instead of our cars whenever we can. Install clean, renewable energy systems, insulate homes, recover old and support new forms of mass transit, and build and buy nothing that isn't needed. Use what we have; reuse and recycle.

¢ Strengthen the local economy. Shop at locally owned businesses. City and county governments should offer seed money and other incentives to local entrepreneurs who want to produce what we need to live. Food processors, small wind turbine and solar panel manufacture, small dairies and a cheese-making plant make great sense.

¢ Strengthen our local food system. Harvest rainwater, grow vegetables, find a permanent, year-round home for the farmers market, buy local food, plant empty lots in community gardens and protect local and regional farms from economic ruin and development.

We have a City Commission election coming up. We should ask candidates how they will help us secure long-term community health and stability.

Jane W. Gibson,



Jamesaust 10 years, 10 months ago

". Walk, bike and use the T instead of our cars"

If only! Then the reduced demand from all the global warming hypocrites would cause the price of gas to fall and I could afford to operate a second Hummer! (maybe hot pink)

Some people are so economically illiterate its a wonder they can put a roof over their heads (ooopsies ... some can't).

mick 10 years, 10 months ago

All of these small measures combined throughout the state would not make up for just one new conventional coal-fueled electric plant. We are not living a sustainable lifestyle. In fact, if you sit back and objectively observe our culture it is insanity. During the Great Depression 50% of Americans were family farmers. Now 2% of us are. During the next Depression our cities are going to look like Baghdad. The forces for greed do not want us to live such a sustainable lifestyle. For instance, just last week it was revealed that the American Enterprise Institute was offering $10K to economists and scientists who would go against consensus about global warning. This is the same AEI which touts itself as a conservative think tank and has 20 members in this White House. The same that was Bush' war advisor when he rejected the Iraq Study Group, Democratic plans and his own military.

Jamesaust 10 years, 10 months ago

mick: "just last week it was revealed that the American Enterprise Institute was offering $10K to economists and scientists who would go against consensus about global warning." (reads better if done breathlessly)

Seriously, nice try but your attempted smear is that the AEI creates the critics rather than giving them the resources to ask their pesky questions about why the facts don't seem to fit the theory, or pulling in the more absurd conclusions not backed by the science. Tsk Tsk!

tribalzendancer 10 years, 10 months ago

It'd be great if the people making "witty" ie - cyncial and sarcastic comments could find some other board to troll. Seriously, at least try to be constructive and add something positive to the dialog.

These boards have gotten way out of control. And I think its mainly a few repeat offenders. Sad.

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