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On the record

February 5, 2007


Law enforcement report

Douglas County Sheriff's officers responded to two calls of a shooting star landing in a field northeast of the junction of U.S. Highways 56 and 59, a Douglas County dispatcher said.

Deputies searched the area for some time but never found any sign of a meteorite.

Emergency calls

No report was available Sunday from Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical.

Douglas County District Court

Marriage licenses issued

Charles R. Clay, 29, Overland Park, 29, and Jill Marie Claterbos, 25, Lawrence.

Peter A. Ferguson, 23, Clarkston, Scotland, U.K., and Erin Rene Duryea, 24, Lawrence.

Joseph Michael Steffen, 26, Lawrence, and Lorelei Beth Johnson, 27, Lawrence.

Robert Cody Adams, 27, Eudora, and Ashley Monique Taylor, 22, Eudora.

Divorces granted

Christina Josephine Freeland, 33, Lawrence, and Justin Dean Freeland, 29, Topeka.


geekin_topekan 11 years, 3 months ago

I saw that bad boy as it came to Earth!What a sight!!I was driving in from the west(ahem)on I70.It was about Two minutes into the Third quarter.Bright green/blue and it came in at a straight and narrow but slight angle.Through a lingering cloud bank which lit up ghostly white as the meteor passed through! My dreams last night were mingled with visions of multi-meteors just as brilliant and ominous as this one. I have seen them before,we all have, but never this clear,slow-mo and colorful.

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