Legislators ponder resolution while wounded veteran testifies

Thursday, members of a Senate panel heard from Thomas Young, a man who’s life was forever changed when he was serving his country in Iraq.

The Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee discussed a resolution that would state their opposition to the President’s plan to send more U.S. troops to Iraq.

War veteran Thomas Young was wounded last April, after only four days in combat. He told the panel about his personal experience.

“I was loaded into a truck that was over filled, unarmored, no cover at all, and sent out on a poorly planned mission. And the plan, as I see it, is to send 21,000 plus more troops into the same situations with a lack of body armor and what not,” war veteran Thomas Young said.

Young says he is bothered by the president’s plan to send even more troops overseas.

And he hopes lawmakers will pass the resolution to send a message to the White House.

If the resolution passes, it will ask the president, at a minimum, to get approval from Congress before authorizing any more U.S. troops to go overseas, and before increasing spending on the war.