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Chamber announces officers for 2008

December 23, 2007


The Lawrence Chamber of Commerce announces its officers for 2008:

¢ Chairman is Jim Otten, of James Otten Restorative Dentistry.

¢ Chairwoman-elect is Bonnie Lowe, of Landmark National Bank.

¢ Immediate past chairwoman is Joan Golden, of U.S. Bank.

¢ Treasurer is Matt Hoy, of Stevens and Brand.

¢ Vice chairwoman for member services is Allison Vance Moore, of Grubb & Ellis I The Winbury Group.

¢ Vice chairwoman for communications is Larissa Long, of Aquila.

¢ Vice chairman for economic development is Mike McGrew, of McGrew Real Estate Inc.

¢ Vice chairwoman for operations is Cindy Yulich, of Emprise Bank.

¢ Co-chairmen for government/community affairs are Jane Bateman, of Jane Bateman The Interiors Store, and David Johnson, of Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center.

¢ Co-chairmen for future planning are Paul Carttar and Pat Flavin, of McGrew Real Estate.

Officers were elected this month by members of the chamber's board of directors. Officer terms begin Jan. 1.

The chamber will conduct its annual meeting Jan. 11 with events at Liberty Hall and the Eldridge Hotel.


justsomewench 10 years, 2 months ago

is that the same matt hoy that worked on the financial documents for deciphera?

maybe it's just a coincidence...

blindrabbit 10 years, 2 months ago

Jim: Good luck! It's time clean out the perceptions that you inherit; restore whatever respect the Chamber once had! A Board of bankers, realtors, insurance industry members will be tough to re-align though. The group is too heavily weighted to those industries; little left for the rest of the business community. As a result, much of the small businesses look at The Chamer as "Country Club" for the groups listed above.

The conflicted relationship between Chamber funding from the City(increased by the Mayor/Commission from last year) , the Mayor working (paid by) for The Chamber, the Chamber Director acting as a quasi Commissioner are all issues that will continue to present problems as the citizenry becomes more familiar with these interactions.

Also, in view of the Mayor's recent etheical issues in the Decephra story; what does this do for her cred. for hosting Leadership Lawrence.

The apologist Chairman-elect no-doubt has too close ties to the current City Commission and Mayor.

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