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Old Home Town - 100 years ago

December 15, 2007


From the Lawrence Daily World for Dec. 15, 1907: "The recall of Viscount Aoki as ambassador to the United States and the sailing of the American fleet to the Pacific has produced warlike talk in the Tokyo press. But despite the talk by jingoes of the 'yellow press,' the attitude of the influential Japanese journals is one of conciliation, negotiation and peace. : The seven-masted schooner Thomas W. Lawson, the largest sailing vessel in the world, was lost early today off Scilly island to the southwest off the English coast. One survivor and three corpses were picked up. The captain and the rest of the crew perished when they refused to leave the huge boat as it went onto the rocks in a heavy storm. : The Vesper Chorus of the University of Kansas will sing tomorrow afternoon, at the regular monthly vesper service, Handel's 'Messiah.' This is one of four special programs for this year. Many are expected to attend."


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