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Have some wine with that cheese

December 15, 2007


Planning a party or a happy hour platter for two? Here are some general pairing guidelines from the Washington Post for wine and cheese:

¢ Cabernet sauvignon: milder cow's milk cheeses (such as Gouda), milder blue cheeses

¢ Champagne: rich and buttery cheeses (such as brie), younger and milder cheeses

¢ Chardonnay: cow's and goat's milk cheeses; avoid sheep's milk cheeses

¢ Merlot: cow's and sheep's milk cheeses, milder blue cheeses

¢ Pinot noir: cow's and sheep's milk cheeses; avoid goat's milk cheeses and blue cheeses

¢ Sauvignon blanc: goat's and sheep's milk cheeses; avoid blue cheeses

¢ Zinfandel: cow's and sheep's milk cheeses, blue cheeses.


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