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6:00 a.m.
Julie Smith, Oskaloosa, said she was surveying damage Wednesday morning when a tree behind her started to crack. Seconds later, half of the tree crashed down. Her boyfriend, Wade Olson, Lawrence, helped cut the tree into sections. Ice devastates nearby county
December 12, 2007 in print edition on 1A
Jefferson County is reeling from Tuesday’s ice storm, and it could be several days before full power is restored, emergency officials said. “We’ve lost major transmission lines and transfer stations,” Emergency Management director Doug Schmitt said. “I don’t think we’ve ever had a situation this bad.” At noon Wednesday, 75 percent of the county remained without power, he said.
9:00 a.m.
In a stunning development this week in Kansas politics, Morrison admitted to having a two-year extramarital affair with Linda Carter, who had been director of administration of the Johnson County district attorney's office when Morrison was district attorney. Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison answers questions during news conference following inauguration ceremonies in Topeka, Kan., in this Jan. 8, 2007, file photo. Republicans say legal review of Morrison not enough
December 13, 2007 in print edition on 3A
Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison may face more than a review by his peers of allegations of lawyer misconduct. State Republican Party Chairman Kris Kobach said Wednesday that Morrison also could be subject to investigations by an independent prosecutor and the Legislature. “There are many possible paths,” Kobach said.
1:00 p.m.
Mary Garzillo, 15, center, Charlie Garzillo, bottom, and Sam Hird, 16, peek out of their blind while scanning the valley for deer during a hunt southwest of Lawrence in the Wakarusa River valley. The trio were out hunting on Saturday. Charlie Garzillo started taking his daughter, Mary, and their neighbor Sam deer hunting about three years ago. The two young hunters both killed their first bucks earlier this season. Hunters find strength in traditions
December 13, 2007 in print edition on 3A
Mary Garzillo, 15, has patience running through her veins. The Lawrence High School sophomore learned it from her father, Charlie, and the time they’ve spent in their tree stand southwest of Lawrence just waiting to take a perfect shot at a deer.
4:00 p.m.
Attorney General Paul Morrison has admitted having an extramarital affair with a former staffer who  accuses him of sexual harassment and attempting to influence a federal lawsuit involving a political opponent. Kline hires special prosecutor to target Morrison
December 13, 2007
On Thursday, Johnson County Commissioners gave permission to Kline to select a special prosecutor to investigate what he called blackmail and telephone harassment.
10:00 p.m.
Mike George of the Jefferson County Water District 7 thaws an antenna which transmits information about a rural water tower south of Oskaloosa on Highway 59.  On Thursday many Jefferson County residents still did not have electricity after an ice storm on Tuesday.  Power slowly is being restored in some areas. Jefferson County begins recovery
December 13, 2007 in print edition on 3A
The sun was out, the ice was melting, but on Thursday many Jefferson County residents still did not have electricity. The good news was that power slowly was being restored in some areas. “We have power here in Oskaloosa in most of the town,” Jefferson County Clerk Linda Buttron said Thursday afternoon. “The power company came in late last night (Wednesday) with quite a few crews and they were able to get most of the town up and running today.”

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Ohio stuns Maryland
Bobcats tune up for KU with victory over Terrapins
December 13, 2007 in print edition on B5
Ohio University forward Leon Williams put on quite a show in the Bobcats’ 61-55 victory over Maryland on Wednesday night.
NBA Roundup
December 13, 2007 in print edition on B4
Scores around the league.