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KU to play Virginia Tech in Orange Bowl on Jan. 3

December 2, 2007


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An 11-1 regular season in the end proved to be enough to earn KU a bid in a BCS bowl game for the first time in school history. The Jayhawks will face ACC champion Virginia Tech on Jan. 3 in Miami, Fla., in the Orange Bowl. This will be KU's third trip to the Orange Bowl, having played there in 1948 - a 20-14 loss to Georgia Tech - and 1969 - a 15-14 loss to Penn State.

Virginia Tech, who won in Saturday's ACC title game 30-16 over Boston College, enters the showdown with KU at 11-2 and has won five straight games since a 14-10 letdown at home to BC on Oct. 25. VT's only other loss was a 48-7 loss in the season's second week to LSU, who will face Ohio State in the BCS National Championship game.

KU and Virginia Tech have never faced. This will be VT's third appearance in a BCS game, having played in the Sugar Bowl in 2000 and 2005 - losing both.

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DoNotKeepScore 9 years ago


":former KU football star Gale Sayers and former KU football coach Don Fambrough will act as hosts for the tour."

Mangino_saurus 9 years ago

fortunate for KU, they didn't have to play OU - VT will kill KU!

claireredfield 9 years ago

Real actual feelings of a real live person (not a "troll") who happens to be stuck in your town and really can't stand it -----> OMG. Just when your out-of-control egos had finally been grounded. Now they're back in the stratosphere again. Just one more reason to get out of this annoying place sooner rather than later. It was interesting that nobody on the show was quite sure why you're going. Did you notice that? No, of course you didn't. You were too busy patting yourselves on the back. Sickening, absolutely sickening. Well, I can only hope you lose. But until then, I am prepared to be annoyed. Actually, I leave Lawrence on the 15th. So... after that... I really don't care. Knock yourselves out! LOL!

Defixione 9 years ago

What? . . . A little #### envy, Claire?? Ha Ha Ha

KU_Dude 9 years ago


It's kind of ironic how you mentioned "Sooner" in your post after your Mizzou Tigers got beat twice by them.

You shouldn't blame KU, blame the Big 12 for scheduling the championship game.


EXks 9 years ago

Claire and lil miss Saurus, how about a nice big ole slice of crow pie?? That's it, open wide your fat pie holes.....LOL!

yankeelady 9 years ago

You almost have to feel sorry for "claire" . No social life except for the computer. You should really get a life. The persona you have created just doesn't match up with the vitriol we've seen. It seems a bit overdone.

ModerateOne 9 years ago

The kitty cat laughed to see such sport, and the hawk ran away with the spoon.

Al Deathe 9 years ago

IF KU plays like they did all year and Reesing doesn't choke like he did in the first half against Missouri they stand a chance, if not they lose big. If all else fails just think of what Georgia will do to Hawaii!!!!!!!!

Mangino_saurus 9 years ago

In my experiences, KU fans of the college age are by far the worst. It is sad that I live in this town of pathetic football fans. I'm excited to watch VT ram the ball right down Reesing's throat. Talib prepare to be burned yet again.

Scott Fisher 9 years ago

Anyone who takes ANY issue with fans getting excited and posting support for a team that is having it's best season in a 100+ year history should re-evaluate his/her motives. Truly sad.

All Jayhawks enjoy the ride this year - during foorball season no less! Mangino and crew should be having a blast and so should the fans. No need to bash Mizzou (though tempting and fun). Just Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!! Win or lose - Go K.U.

yankeelady 9 years ago

Well said BigJayHawk. With basketball off to a great start, it is going to be a great ride.

jayhawks71 9 years ago

I have figured claire out. See, claire has such a negative view of Lawrence, its citizens, and KU alumni because claire has such a rotten personality in the first place;he only attracts those similar to him... birds of a feather, you know... and then only a few of them because most people probably don't want to be around him. He jumps to conclusions about people, such as how people who cheer for their team having a successful season are being unrealistic and pompous, such that they need to "come crashing down" when it really isn't that way. He has a distorted view of the world. Case closed.

feefifofum 9 years ago

Watch out Tiger fans - you might just lose again when Arkansas lines up against you. You had your chance at the big prize - so you got nothing to bitch about. KU needs the money more than you do.

riverdrifter 9 years ago

Congratulations to MCMM, his staff and his team. Super year. W-a-a-a-y to go everybody! I've got no use for Missery, but they did get screwed in that the Cotton is a long-dead bowl game. For my money, if you don't have a truly warm January weather site, you don't have a bowl. Period (insert global warming wisecracks here). Pinkle and his team deserved better. For Mizzou fans, though, I wish them the same Cotton Bowel weather that I prefer to wildfowl in: 35 degrees, gusty NW wind, sleet.

Linda Aikins 9 years ago

yippie yi yo, yippie yi yee We are off to Mi-Am EEEEE!!!

Tiger and purple pussy cat roadkill never tasted so sweet....

ralphralph 9 years ago

FatMangina worked the Bill Snider formula ... wonder if he remembers some of those bowl-game debacles the Cats went through after a few of those 'pretend' good seasons where they hadn't played anyone? Good luck with the Hokies.

Moonbat 9 years ago

claireredfield (Anonymous) says: "Real actual feelings of a real live person (not a "troll") who happens to be stuck in your town and really can't stand it -> OMG."

No, I don't think you understand the definition of a troll....I'll enlighten you

troll [trÉul] noun

an imaginary creature of human-like form, very ugly and evil-tempered

Sounds about right to me!!

claireredfield (Anonymous) says: "It was interesting that nobody on the show was quite sure why you're going. Did you notice that? No, of course you didn't. You were too busy patting yourselves on the back. Sickening, absolutely sickening."

Wow, there's controversy in the BCS selections!? Unreal..I mean, this systems has CLEARLY been flawless up until this year.

claireredfield (Anonymous) says: "Actually, I leave Lawrence on the 15th. So: after that: I really don't care. Knock yourselves out! LOL!"

What a shame, now you'll have to spew your venom from afar. Although it will be difficult for the city of Lawrence to recover from loosing your outstanding community support, somehow, someway, we will continue on. We can only hope to contain our infamously gargantuan midwestern egos. If only we could be more like those who live on the east coast, where people are friendly, well grounded, easygoing, and all around a much more supperior class of humans than anywhere else on the planet.

Moonbat 9 years ago

oh, and I forgot

Beak 'em Hawks!!

jayhawkrodog 9 years ago

Here's a Xmasgift suggestion for all your MIZZOU Tiger friends: a nice orange. For a more personalized touch, write VT vs. KU on it. If I was a Tiger fan, I wonder what hurts worst- the Tyus Edney layup, the 5th down game, the Nebraska last second kick/catch for a TD or getting punked by the BCS and having KU and Illinois both make BCS games. Rock chalk!!!

63BC 9 years ago

All I'm saying about Mizzou fans is that I sat in a Mizzou heavy section during the Arrowhead game and witnessed about thirty percent of their fans boo the KU band

...they booed the band...

I see the same class on this board. Here's to Florida in January!

KsTwister 9 years ago

Some of my "we won,in-your-face" Missouri relatives have seemed to stop sending me e-mails. Wonder why? Feels good doesn't it.

Steve Jacob 9 years ago

People making fun of MU is stupid. KU ranked 8, MU ranked 6. They got hosed. Any every national expert agrees.

jayhawks71 9 years ago

Dirty linen, I won't repost it all here, but in the other recent thread about KU's bowl game, I posted my perspective and evidence for the BCS logic. In a nutshell, weak SoS and few losses are the keys. Most of the BCS teams benefited from it.

MM_Jayhawker 9 years ago

I am sorry, but I could not resist:

Orange Bowl Selection Committee: Knock, Knock! Jayhawk Nation: Who's there? Orange Bowl Selection Committee: Mizzou. Jayhawk Nation: Mizzou, who?

Orange Bowl Selection Committee: Knock, Knock! Jayhawk Nation: Who's there? Orange Bowl Selection Committee: Mizzou. Jayhawk Nation: Mizzou, who?

Orange Bowl Selection Committee: Knock, Knock! Jayhawk Nation: Who's there? Orange Bowl Selection Committee? Orange. Jayhawk Nation: Orange, who? Orange Bowl Selection Committee: Orange you glad we didn't say Mizzou?!

Jayhawk Nation: Hell yes!!!

Bring on the Hokies!!!

unclebiff 9 years ago

'twould be nice to see most comments pertaining to KU's bowl selection. This article was not about Missouri, Oklahama, Fans, Mangino, Barbituates, or even Hawaii. GO KU....happy Orange BOWL!

chapdaddy 9 years ago

Congrats to Coach Mangino and the Jayhawks for their Orange Bowl bid.

I have one thing to say to MU in this time of despair:


jayhawkrodog 9 years ago

For all the MIS-ERY fans who want to take their frustrations out- you should be yelling at your Athletic Director Mike Alden who got outhustled by KU's Lew Perkins. MIz-Puke might have won the battlre last Sat in Arrowhead but KU won the war. Rock chalk!!

Martin Shupert 9 years ago

Give me a fricking break! It isn't that KU lost to Misery and Misery then lost to Oklahoma and now, Woe MIZZme gets the shaft... That's just crap. KU ran out of time while they were behind. Another quarter, we win. An average first half and we win. So Misery gets totally blown off the field by Oklahoma... How can they hope to get into the BCS at that point? An overwhelmingly bad loss in your last game is not good on your resume, boys. Meantime, the only loss KU had all year was to a top five team by a touchdown. So give it a rest. Enjoy the Cottonbowl. Get over it. Grow up. And cheer for other teams in your conference. For crying out loud, you can be a miz-ZOO fan first, but second, you are supposed to be a Big Twelve fan. You had your shot. Now go beat somebody and shut up about how terrible life is. Namby pambees.

ShadowoftheHawk 9 years ago

Every team can win, every team can lose. This College season has proved that. I said 4 weeks ago that whatever happens the rest of the way, this has been the most phenomenal KU Football season I've witnessed, so to my mind, it has already been an unbelievable success. My son's HS football team came within 1 game of the State Championship this year, and I don't think there was a fan who thought the boys were failures for not winning it all. All I can say to all the bitter people who wish bad for others, particularly when its a Team like KU who has experienced very little success in football is it must be a complete tragedy for you if your teams do not reach the pinnacle annually. K-State fans can surely understand this, prior to the Snyder era in the 90s, the Wildcats were the most unsuccessful program in NCAA history. For myself, I was glad to see that they could experience such a turnaround, because it gave me hope that KU could someday, maybe accomplish something close to that. Perhaps our basketball success has soured others against us, but I simply just do not understand all the bitterness.

Linda Aikins 9 years ago

I have two theories; one, they read the message boards and watch the MU crowd at Missouri games and realize they don't want that kind of behavior in their Orange bowl.

The other is that in MU-OU, their quarterback was seen throwing tantrums and acting childish, and completely falling apart, while in KU-MU, our quarterback pulled himself and the others on our team by their jockstraps and came back to show some guts. That's incredibly hard to do when you are down for three quarters. IOW, we have chutzpah. They have kleenex.

Love it.

craigers 9 years ago

My question is how does a team that beat KU by 8 (considering two blown field goals by KU), seem to think that they would just rock every other team in the nation and that KU is overmatched? MU got KU bad in the first half, but once the nerves settled, KU took care of business against a team that could have very well played for the title. MU couldn't keep it together in the 2nd half again against another worthy opponent. that is all there is to it and MU shouldn't complain. As long as KU is composed through the whole game, then they have a great chance. If nerves get the best of them at the beginning, then we could be in for some hurt. Go KU!!!

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