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Regulators affirm independence from Sebelius on energy policy

December 1, 2007


— A consumer advocate who had questioned whether Gov. Kathleen Sebelius had improperly influenced two state utility regulators in their decisions about energy policy says he is satisfied with the regulators' responses.

Kansas Corporation Commission members Michael Moffet and Thomas Wright filed affirmations late Thursday afternoon stating they have had no conversations with Topeka-based Westar Energy Inc. or Sebelius regarding energy policy or a pending rate increase hearing. Westar is asking regulators to give preliminary approval to raise rates to recover the costs of developing wind turbines, and Sebelius has advocated for alternative energy.

The attorney for the Citizens' Utility Ratepayers Board, David Springe, had raised concerns about the independence of Moffet and Wright and asked that they either offer clarification or recuse themselves from ruling on Westar's rate request.

"I think based on these two affirmations, they have removed that appearance of impropriety," Springe said Friday. "We wanted to make sure they were independent. We are quite pleased that they took the step to show consumers that we're going to have a fair and independent process."

A source of the controversy was December 2006 e-mail Westar released as part of its rate case from Chief Executive Officer Jim Haines. That memo to other utility executives said that he and others had met with Sebelius to discuss energy policy, including wind generation. Haines wrote that she indicated utilities would be "fully compensated" for their investment.

Springe's concern was that the only way Sebelius could make such assurances to utilities would be if she had commitments from its three members that they would approve any rate increase.

In his affirmation, Wright wrote: "The governor sets the goals, but we set the rates."

Springe agreed that while the governor can give assurances, she needs commitments from regulators to carry them out. "This alleviates the implications that the e-mail alluded to," Springe said of the affirmations from Wright and Moffet.

Sebelius issued a brief written statement. "I trust the KCC members will fulfill their duty when deciding this case, as well as any other before them," she said.


Richard Heckler 10 years, 6 months ago

To counter the rate increase consumers should replace current lighting with LED lights as much as possible and/or turn off lights whenever not in a room no matter what type of lighting. Cottin's Hardware has some affordable lamps that are energy efficient, put off a very nice light for reading,at the desk or wherever.

georgeofwesternkansas 10 years, 6 months ago

It is however funny that one KCC member did recuse himself which indicates that he did have such a request from the gov. Look folks its a done deal, bend over and take the rate increase, reissue the air permits for the 7th poluting coal plant in the USA, and blame it on western kansas. Thats what Lawrence does best, blame it on everyone else.

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