Scouting News

Venturing Crew 2052, chartered to St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, departed July 26 for Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. The crew, which consists of students from Lawrence, Baldwin City and Eudora, was the only all-girls group at Philmont this year. Crew members hiked 62 miles during 10 days and crossed one mesa and two mountains.

During the trek, they carried all their gear, including shelter, food, water and clothing, resulting in packs weighing 30-60 pounds. They hiked from campsite to campsite each day, learning a new skills that included horseback riding, rock climbing and the importance of teamwork.

Helen Gent won her weight division in the Gibson, or caber, toss. The group met Boy Scouts from Troop 37 in Rockford, Ill., who offered flowers, letters and food, and visited for dinner even though their campsite was a mile away uphill.

On the morning of the last day, the crews hiked up Philmont’s most recognized challenge, the Tooth of Time, to see the sunrise. About halfway to the Tooth, the trail becomes a cascade of boulders the size of car hoods and larger, which must be clambered over to reach the top.

Students who made the trip included JoAnna Male, Amelia Wilson, Helen Gent, Maizie Hotvedt, Kelsey Taylor, Casey Hutchins, Courtney Zinn, Carol Fittel, Erica Hernly, Hannah Bain, Caitleen Desetti, Grace Clark, Kayla Chilcoat and Nadia Scruggs.

Adult advisers included Audrey Taylor, Kim Zinn, Bob Gent, Frank Male, Ralena McCurdy, Jordana Arnold and Carolyn Church.