NCAA to decide contested winner of Div. II game

? Northwest Missouri State says it won its season opener 21-0, even if lightning did end the game with 21â2 minutes left in the first quarter.

Arkansas Tech says Thursday night’s NCAA Division II game never happened.

It will be up to the NCAA to decide the final outcome.

“Because we acknowledge Arkansas Tech’s dispute of the ruling, we have forwarded all information to the NCAA Division II football committee for its consideration,” Bob Boerigter, the Bearcats’ athletic director, said Friday.

Boerigter said the game’s referee confirmed that the score was official. However, Boerigter said, individual game statistics will not count.

A statement posted on Arkansas Tech’s Web site, however, said the Wonder Boys now consider next week’s game at Northeastern State to be their season opener.

But while Arkansas Tech is disputing the result, coach Steve Mullins said ending the game early was the right thing to do.