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August 24, 2007


Lohan to serve day in jail in plea bargain

Beverly Hills, Calif. - Lindsay Lohan reached a plea deal Thursday on misdemeanor drunken driving and cocaine charges that calls for her to spend one day in jail, serve 10 days of community service and complete a drug treatment program.

She was also placed on 36 months probation, is required to complete an 18-month alcohol education program, pay hundreds of dollars in fines and must complete a three-day county coroner program in which she'll visit a morgue and talk to victims of drunken drivers.

"It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs," Lohan said in a statement released by publicist Leslie Sloane Zelnik.

She said she did things she was ashamed of. "I broke the law and today I took responsibility by pleading guilty to the charges in my case."

"She's getting what everyone else would get," Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers said after an hourlong hearing in Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge H. Chester Horn Jr.'s courtroom.

Lohan was charged earlier in the day with seven misdemeanors stemming from two drunken-driving arrests in the past four months. More serious felony drug charges were not filed, prosecutors said, because tests showed there wasn't enough cocaine on her to warrant them.

Attorney Blair Berk entered pleas on Lohan's behalf: she pleaded guilty to two counts of being under the influence of cocaine; no contest to two counts of driving with a blood-alcohol level above .08 percent and one count of reckless driving. Two counts of driving under the influence were dropped.

Richie checks into jail to start DUI sentence

Lynwood, Calif. - A pregnant Nicole Richie was released from jail Thursday, just 82 minutes after she checked in for what started out as a 90-hour sentence for driving under the influence of drugs.

The reality show star, who checked into jail in this Los Angeles suburb at 3:15 p.m., was released at 4:37 p.m. "based on her sentence and federal guidelines," Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Maribel Rizo said without elaborating.

The brief jail stint took place at the county jail for women, the same place her "The Simple Life" co-star Paris Hilton was housed for nearly three weeks after she was convicted of driving on a suspended license while on probation for an alcohol-related reckless driving case.

Richie pleaded guilty in late July to a misdemeanor DUI charge in a deal with prosecutors that helped her avoid a potential year in jail on a second alcohol-related conviction.

Her first conviction was in 2003, for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Judge: Campbell's past can be raised in lawsuit

New York - Naomi Campbell's string of tussles with aides and maids can be raised in a lawsuit against her.

The British catwalker tried to block former maid Gaby Gibson from bringing up Campbell's history of dust-ups with people who work for her, saying it was "scandalous and prejudicial." But in a ruling published Wednesday, Manhattan state Supreme Court Judge Michael Stallman said previous incidents could be admitted.

"Those alleged acts might be relevant to the issues of intent and the need for future deterrence," Stallman wrote.

Gibson was "very happy" about Stallman's ruling, said her attorney, Lambros Lambrou.

Campbell's attorney did not return a telephone message left at his office early Thursday.

Gibson worked for Campbell from November 2005 through January 2006. She claims the 37-year-old model hit her, called her bigoted names and threatened to charge her with theft after being unable to find a pair of jeans designed by Stella McCartney.

Campbell did plead guilty in January to misdemeanor assault for throwing her cell phone at another maid, Ana Scolavino.

In February 2000, Campbell pleaded guilty in Toronto to an assault charge for beating assistant Georgina Galanis while making a film in Canada in 1998.

Campbell also has faced other lawsuits from other former employees who accused her of violent behavior. She settled a claim filed by former employee Amanda Brack this year, but no settlement terms were disclosed.

Jet Li: Don't anticipate great fight scenes

Hong Kong - Jet Li is urging audiences to keep expectations low for his eagerly anticipated fight scenes with Jackie Chan in an upcoming film.

He says it's not that kind of movie - and they're both getting too old.

"When Jackie Chan and I first wanted to work together 15 years ago, our passion was at its peak. ... Our desire to succeed was very strong," the 44-year-old Li told The Associated Press. "Now we joke that when we watch the 'The Forbidden Kingdom' our combined age is 100." (Chan is 53.)

The martial arts stars come to blows in "The Forbidden Kingdom," about an American teenager's fantasy journey to ancient China to rescue a mythological Monkey King, but Li warns:

"How intense are the battle scenes? My mentality is to not have high expectations."

The film is tentatively scheduled for U.S. release next spring.

Attorney: Mel Gibson following probation rules

Malibu, Calif. - Mel Gibson has been following the rules of his probation for his DUI arrest last summer, his attorney told a judge Thursday.

The actor was not required to attend the hearing.

His attorney, Blair Berk, gave Judge Lawrence Mira documents showing the 51-year-old Gibson was meeting the terms of his probation.

Gibson has been required to check in with the court periodically since his July 28, 2006, misdemeanor drunken driving arrest on Pacific Coast Highway.

The Academy Award-winning director of 1995's "Braveheart" pleaded no contest to the charge on Aug. 17, 2006, and was given three years' probation, ordered to pay $1,400 in fines and attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. His attendance at AA meetings is now voluntary.


matahari 10 years, 6 months ago

Ohh, I'd like to try out (on MTV) for the job as naomi's new 'housekeeper' I would use her for everything sh'e got if she threw a cell phone at me! (joking) Has MTV no morals? ha

Tychoman 10 years, 6 months ago

It's disgusting how easy celebrities get off compared to what DUI penalties should really be.

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