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Marine instructor charged in abuse cases

August 24, 2007


— A Marine drill instructor has been charged with 225 criminal counts connected to abusing recruits, a Marines spokesman said Thursday.

In one incident, Sgt. Jerrod M. Glass allegedly ordered a recruit to jump head-first into a trash can and then pushed him further into the container, according to court documents cited in The San Diego Union-Tribune. He is also accused of striking recruits with a tent pole and a heavy flashlight.

Two other drill instructors, Sgt. Robert C. Hankins and Sgt. Brian M. Wendel, face special courts-martial in the case, the Marines said. Arraignment dates have not been scheduled for either Marine.

The charges include 91 counts of assault, 90 of failure to obey lawful orders and 27 of cruelty and maltreatment.


Cait McKnelly 10 years, 8 months ago

This is not unusual or rare, or at least it didn't used to be. 16 years ago I had a friend who went to Marine boot camp at this very camp. He wrote me letters every few days (when he could. During certain parts of his training he wasn't even permitted to write). Some of the letters were actually smuggled out. I still have every single letter to this day. In those letters he chronicled abuse after abuse. At one point he thought he may have permanently had his knee injured when a DI deliberately shoved him over a footlocker and he fell. However, according to his letters he was not being singled out. This was treatment a number of recruits received. Wet rolled up towels were a favorite type of punishment. Struck hard enough and you can break a bone without even leaving a bruise. The abuse took the same form as any other, terrorization that telling would result in further even more severe punishment plus the promise of being "washed out" of a career in the military. In fact some recruits were deliberately given permanent injuries to force them out. We'll see just how far the Marine Corps brass takes this.

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