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Atchison couple charged in dogfighting case

August 23, 2007


— An Atchison couple has been charged with dogfighting after authorities found several aggressive, unhealthy dogs near their home, along with the unburied carcasses of other dogs.

Keith G. Allen, 32, and Trenisha Thomas, 29, face felony charges of dogfighting and misdemeanor cruelty to animals, Atchison County Attorney Jerry Kuckelman said Tuesday. They were scheduled to be in court Monday.

An Atchison resident concerned about possible animal neglect called authorities. Officers last week initially seized nine dogs from the back of a residence where the two lived, and later picked up three more dogs in the backyards of the residence and that of a neighboring house.

All of the animals appeared to be pit bulls, said Atchison Police Chief Mike Wilson.

Authorities also found eight dead dogs, unburied, in backyards of both properties. The surviving dogs were aggressive and in bad health. Dog kennels, doghouses and dog-training equipment also were found.


RKLOG 10 years, 6 months ago

Peta is located in Virginia. CNN is in Georgia. Dogfighting is everywhere. Not enough public squares to hang every scumbag who encourages dogfighting I'm afraid.

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