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Assistant city manager hired

August 18, 2007


There's a new No. 2 at City Hall.

Cindy Boecker, an assistant city administrator in Liberty, Mo., will be one of two assistant city managers to City Manager Dave Corliss. She starts Sept. 24.

She graduated from Kansas University with a master's degree in public administration. Boecker has held municipal positions in Overland Park; Bowling Green, Ky.; and Lexington, Mass.

"Cindy's experience in city management and all functions of a municipality will be an asset to the city," Corliss said in a press release Friday afternoon.

Boecker takes the position left empty when Corliss took the top job in 2006. Recruitment is under way to fill the other job, being vacated by Debbie Van Saun.


leftIsRight 10 years, 8 months ago

"it is a waste to fill the "OTHER" assistant city managers job!"

That is exactly right. What critical city business has fallen into disfunction since Corliss's position has been vacant for the past year or so? Or, is the existing staff incurring excessive overtime? Doubtful. What is certain is that city officials refuse to account for why another assistant admin is needed (except for the lame answer Corliss provided in his most recent LJWorld online chat, to the effect: "well...we used to have two"). By the time salary and benefits are included, this is a position costing well into the 6 digits. Sounds merely like empire building to me, ala Yertel the Turtle.

countryman1 10 years, 8 months ago

mill levies, tax increases, etc, etc. Lawrence is rich. Let's hire some more people. The leadership and planning of this city is absolutely rediculous. Now with another assistant to the assistant to the manager. Go ahead and make your comments. I know there is someone who is just waiting to eat up my comments. But all this ASSistant, and another ASSistant is just a waist of money. Now we will have more dead weight sitting at city hall asking for more money and a pay raise. Or better yet, demanding better benifits or (I will go to another city and find a job) Isn't that part of the excuses we heard earlier about city employees. They don't want to loose good people to other cities. Blah! Blah! Blah! What a waist.

countryman1 10 years, 8 months ago

Question: How many managers does it take to run a city? Answer: Two assistants to do the work, and one manager who doesn't have to do anything but tell the assistants what to do, dress up, and look pretty, and sit back and draw that BIG OLE PAYCHECK every payday.

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