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Brownback sharpens attacks on Romney

August 8, 2007


— Hoping to cash in with so-called social conservative Republicans, U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas is turning up the heat on fellow Republican Mitt Romney in the GOP presidential contest.

Much of Brownback's campaign in recent days has been aimed at criticizing Romney on the issue of abortion as the candidates prepare for Saturday's Iowa Straw Poll.

On Tuesday, Brownback's national campaign manager, Rob Wasinger, said Romney "has flip-flopped so much on the issue of abortion that he has absolutely no idea where he stands on the issue."

In a testy exchange during a debate Sunday, Romney denounced Brownback's automated phone call campaign, which notes Romney's earlier pro-choice position.

"I get tired of people that are holier than thou because they've been pro-life longer than I have," Romney said.

The jousting occurs as many of the lesser-known Republican candidates, such as Brownback, hope to get a boost from the straw poll in Ames.

In the straw poll, candidates buy tickets for their supporters to cast votes for them. The ticket sales are used as a fundraiser for the Iowa Republican Party. The event is often seen as a test of candidates' strength five months before the Iowa caucus.

GOP candidates Sen. John McCain of Arizona and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani aren't participating in the straw poll, although their names will appear on the ballot.

Hoping to increase his national recognition, Romney is campaigning hard in the straw poll. But that has lower-tier candidates gunning for him.

Brownback also announced Tuesday that Norma McCorvey, an anti-abortion activist, will support him. McCorvey was the ''Jane Roe" in the 1973 Roe v. Wade lawsuit, in which the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion. She has since abandoned her pro-choice position and fought to end abortion.

"Sam Brownback is the right person in the right place at the right time for our nation as we seek to embrace a culture of life," McCorvey said.


eesti006 10 years, 7 months ago

Senator Brownback confusing campaign appears to be moving the Republican party back to the Middle Ages with his ultra conservative views while at the same time embracing the radical feminist groups.

Brownback who claims to be pro marriage has a suspicious relationship with the Tahirih Justice Center a radical Iranian religious extremist organization with very strong pro abortion / anti- Christian / anti family agenda.. Tahirih Justice Center a Non governmental organization received $700,000 (last year) in Federal grants spending some helping abused women but spending GREATLY on lobbying and Public Advocacy suspiciously not itemized in their annual report.

Brownback worked together with Tahirih Justice Center sponsoring the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act an unconstitutional law that requires background checks before Americans can communicate with foreigners. Brownback was a key speaker for Tahirih's Justice annual fundraiser event and worked together with TJC to produce a one sided Radio Vatican broadcast titled, "Mail Order Nightmares" that was filled with shocking lies and inaccuracies and was cancelled after Vatican radio discovered fraudulent deception.

Tahirih Justice center is a Baha'I faith inspired organization that was named after a Persian women Tahirih who was a convicted murderer and the wacko Brownback thinks Tahirih Justice center are "good frontline experts". I wonder what century Brownback lives in?

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