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Schools keep status quo on cost-of-living funds

April 29, 2007


— The Lawrence school district will be able to continue getting cost-of-living funds under the school finance plan without having to raise local taxes under a bill approved Saturday.

Lawrence, and a handful of other districts, were in a situation where to qualify for certain supplemental state education dollars, they would have had to hold elections, asking voters to increase local taxes.

Lawrence school officials testified to lawmakers that they needed to continue getting those cost-of-living funds, which totaled nearly $1.3 million, but didn't want to increase taxes on local property owners.

The measure kicked around the Legislature all session but was finally approved by the Senate on Friday and House on Saturday to put the issue on Gov. Kathleen Sebelius' desk.


KsTwister 10 years, 11 months ago

Well the taxpayers have already been leveled for the schools with the 304million dollar increase in 2004 that was immediately followed with a 4.9million increase in levies(5.9 mils) just for Lawrence in August of 2006. Then to build a new South Jr. High (again) for $32 million. Supporting schools is one thing but talk about overkill !!!

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