Letters to the Editor

No reporting

April 23, 2007


To the editor:

We no longer have news reporting.

What we have is an endless soap opera featuring the most recent controversy or tragedy with the same pictures and dialogue run repeatedly for days, weeks, even months, until a "new" event occurs to be digested and regurgitated, ad nauseum : so it goes.

I believe this is done, besides selling of airtime, to desensitize us and make us apathetic.

It diverts our attention away from the real problems we need to approach.

In addition, it sets a goal for another angry, ill person to try to best.

Bush has said repeatedly that if we send our sons to die in Iraq, we won't have to deal with terrorism here. Is the Va. tragedy not terrorism, of a kind? I can see little difference between suicide bombers and school shooters, all willing to die for their "cause."

Let's all turn off the garbage and concentrate on how we might influence our media and leadership to do a better, more honest and sincere job.

Julie Matchett, Lawrence


Ragingbear 11 years ago

How many kids attending college at KU or Haskell, and we only get ONE that actually gets it?

Jamesaust 11 years ago

Indeed. On Wednesday alone, more than 170 Iraqi civilians were murdered in one form or other. A "mere" tragedy like that at Virginia Tech would be the type of thing that the Bush Administration would term "making progress."

BigAl 11 years ago

Right on Julie!!! Great letter.

What we get is a steady dose of Anna Nicole Smith, the Duke Rape Case and now Alec Baldwin.

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