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Bomb threat causes 37 percent of students to leave school

April 20, 2007


More than a third of Lawrence's public school students went home Thursday because of bomb threats, school district officials announced today.

"A total of 3,815 students were checked out of school by parents yesterday due to the threat," said Julie Boyle, the district's communications director. "Our enrollment is about 10,300, so that's about 37 percent of our students."

The bomb threats came shortly after many schools began their day, so officials put schools in a "semi-lockdown" mode Thursday. That meant they were monitoring entry and exit doors and checking identification of adults who came through.

Police later in the day arrested the man they suspected of calling in the threats on a cell phone.

Michael E. Parker, 47, of 1202 N.Y., was arrested on three counts of making an aggravated criminal threat. The arrest followed an interrogation and a search warrant at his home, where they found a wireless phone believed to have been used to make the calls. No evidence of explosives was found.


Tristan Moody 11 years ago

He wanted to cause a disruption. He got it.

We could kill the rest of the semester by calling in bomb threats every day...

Christine Pennewell Davis 11 years ago

Hey now you stopped yesterday and I am to lazy to count for myself so I was left just hanging not fair.

Christine Pennewell Davis 11 years ago

opps bad spelling sorry again all have fun andini.

Confrontation 11 years ago

I'm betting that only 1% of the students were really concerned. The rest decided to take the day off and enjoy the sunshine. I can't blame them. I wonder how many people called bomb threats into their places of employment.

Christine Pennewell Davis 11 years ago

my youngest had no clue she was fine my 18yr just got tire of hearing kids yacking about it and got mad because she could not go ge lunch of grounds so yeah I with go with that 1% worried.

midwestmom 11 years ago

My daughter was worried. She had a classmate die a few years ago and unfortunately, she was afraid, due to the unusual activity in the class/school, that she had lost another friend :<

I'm betting there was more "unintended" fall out from the threats across the board.

Christine Pennewell Davis 11 years ago

I think alot of the upset or scared was not the threat it self but the hurried pick up and mass exit of friends and just other students. But that is just my opinion with talking to kids I know. It is like in a room full of babies and small children when one starts to cry the others start, I have a feeling, in some cases, that one student upset and scared could and did have a cascade affect. But the kids are all fine for another day and I am sure all the parents in Lawrence are very glad of that and will enjoy the weekend just a little better than they might have other wise. Nothing like a bad scare to make you stop and smell the roses.

white_mountain 11 years ago

the 37% part of the headline is very compelling

Curtis Lange 11 years ago

Good to see there are 37% of parents in Lawrence schools that overreact to things.

belfegor 11 years ago

They post his address? I didn't know that they would do that. What's to keep angry mob type stuff from happening?

another_concerned_parent 11 years ago

My daugther's 5th grade class had less than 50% (35 out of 84) in class today at Perry-Lecompton, due to a threat left on the girl's restroom door.

mom_of_three 11 years ago

No one over reacted to anything, considering everything that has happened this week, and the anniversaries occuring this week.
It was better for scared kids to go home than to stay in school and frighten others.

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