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Old Home Town - 100 years ago

April 17, 2007


From the Lawrence Daily World for April 17, 1907: "Prof. S.J. Hunter of the university entomology department is now equipped to fight the 'green bug' pest in the wheat fields of Kansas. He is sending out to farmers small boxes of the 'cure,' with full directions on how to apply to get the best results. The 'cure' consists of tiny parasitic bees which multiply at an astounding rate, more than 15 a day. The tiny young bees, scarcely larger than a gnat, infest and kill the green bugs and there is every evidence of success. : L.N. Flint of the university journalism department has secured copies of the London Times, London World and London Observer that are 200 years old. The news included is amazing and touches on the French Revolution in progress at the time. : The Kansas attorney general's effort to oust the breweries in Kansas is now going before the U.S. Supreme Court. The brewers have mounted a sizable defense and it may take a long time to get a final decision."


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