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Odd priorities

April 15, 2007


To the editor:

Let me see if I understand the following. Add another 1 percent to our already high sales tax for a new library we don't need. Additional taxes to build and support an ice rink for what, so 50 kids have a place to play hockey? The highest housing prices in the state while working people in Lawrence have relatively low per-capita income compared with other cities our size.

A mindset whereby in order to attract businesses to Lawrence, we offer up to a 50 percent tax abatement over 10 years, at which time companies such as Davol simply leave town. Building new roads and infrastructure in developing areas of town while older parts of town crumble. Building roundabouts at a quarter million dollars a pop while we could do the same thing with some stop signs costing a few hundred. Closing perfectly good fire stations and building new ones a mile away complete with fine art on the lawn created by out-of-town artists.

I guess I don't understand.

Clay Kappelman,



Speakout 11 years ago

He is absolutely right. As citizens and taxpayers, we need to take control of city hall and get rid of over spending on items of no benefit to the taxpayers. We need to clamp down on spending and stop giving away our taxes to bring companies into town. Instead of doing that, why can't we find a way to attract new businesses? That is where our money should be spent. Lets get more activity here so we ALL can pay our taxes.

Godot 11 years ago

Hawk, let's be extremely clear about the increase. It is an additional 1% of the total sales; it will be nearly 13% higher than the sales tax is now.

How many citizens are getting a 13% wage increase next year?

fletch 11 years ago

Oh my god, how dare our leaders take a poll to gauge interest in various community projects!!!!




It's a freaking poll people. Get over it.

Devon Kissinger 11 years ago

It doesn't sound like a poll, it sounds like a proposal.

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