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Prosecutors won’t press charges in ID theft case

April 12, 2007


— A former Pittsburg State University employee who allegedly stole a co-worker's identity and used it to harass her with spam e-mail and pornography won't face charges, prosecutors said.

Assistant Crawford County attorney Brian Duncan said state statutes don't cover people who steal someone's identity but don't derive any direct financial benefit.

"It's unfortunate, but it just doesn't fit under any of the statutes we have," Duncan said. "Unfortunately, the Legislature just doesn't keep up with technology. They're at a point now where they haven't covered what harassing e-mails would fall under."

Harassing someone by telephone is a class-A misdemeanor. But the statute doesn't cover instances where a third party is led under false pretenses to make unwanted calls.

Rebecca Viney, an administrative assistant at the university's Kelce College of Business, said the suspect used her identity to inundate her with unwanted e-mails, credit card applications and pornography. She said she spent months sending registered letters to stop all the unwanted spam and phone calls.

"Disappointment doesn't capture what I'm feeling; frustration doesn't capture it," Viney said after meeting with Duncan Monday. "To know that we have the person, with a signed confession, and be told he's gotten away with it, how would you feel?"


Ragingbear 11 years ago

In other words, people in Pittsburg are stupid and don't realize that harassment is also a crime. Thus encouraging massive crimes of this nature.

pelliott 11 years ago

This is part of the fruit from phil Klines tree. That office was asked repeatedly to look at how laws could be updated to address, id theft, harassement, etc. he didn't have time, interest of the skills.

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