Old Home Town – 40 years ago

More needed showers favored the Lawrence region, and farm experts were saying that 1967 might prove to be a banner year because of the way the moisture had been timed recently. It was helping to close the gap on a severe 1966 drought and subsoil moisture was rapidly being replenished, officials said. Runoff had been minimized by the timing and nature of the rains.

A beer license was granted to a local service station, the first such move in city history.

The Dick George family, 527 Rockledge Road, had a deer leap through a window in the home. The animal landed on the bed of a sleeping youngster, Steve, 12. The deer badly tore up the George household before it could be wrestled outside, after which it bounded away. It never was found.

The third-highest building permit total on record for a March in Lawrence had been registered with the city for a total of $893,000.