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Terrorism suspects resume hunger strike

April 9, 2007


— Terrorism suspects at a maximum-security prison at the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have resumed a mass hunger strike to protest the conditions of their detention, detainees' lawyers said Sunday.

The action involving at least 20 prisoners over the past few months started in January when more than 170 of the 385 men currently detained at Guantanamo were moved to the newest and harshest facility, Camp 6.

Many of the prisoners previously had been living in 10-bunk barracks or metal-mesh cages in open rows from which they could communicate with each other, play board games across adjoining cells and exercise in a communal sports court.

Once the majority of the detainees were moved into the tougher Camps 5 and 6, some resumed a hunger strike that had lasted from late 2005 through January 2006 "in protest of their near complete isolation," said Joshua Colangelo-Bryan, a pro bono attorney for Bahraini prisoner Isa al-Murbati.


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