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New commissioners to be sworn in

April 9, 2007


Bottom line

Three city commissioners will be sworn in at Tuesday's meeting. Commissioner Boog Highberger will be sworn in for a second term after winning re-election last week. Political newcomers Mike Dever and Rod Chestnut will be sworn in for their first terms.


Commissioners David Schauner and Mike Rundle will be leaving the five-member commission. Schauner was unsuccessful in seeking re-election. Rundle did not seek re-election.

Other business


¢ Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods presentation to Mayor Mike Amyx.

¢ Proclaim the month of April as Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month.

¢ Proclaim April 14 through November as Downtown Lawrence Farmers' Market Season.

Consent agenda

¢ Approve City Commission meeting minutes from March 27.

¢ Receive minutes from various boards and commissions.

¢ Approve all claims.

¢ Approve licenses as recommended by the Department of Administrative Services.

¢ Bid and purchase items:

a.) Set bid date of May 1 for Project No. 08-SR3-307(C), 2007 Microsurfacing Program.

b.) Set bid date of May 1 for the 14th and Tennessee Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project.

c.) Award bid for 2,500 tons of road salt to Central Salt for $88,725, with an optional 1,000 tons for $35,490.

d.) Award bid for one roll-off refuse truck for the Public Works Department to KCR International for $129,992.

¢ Adopt the following ordinances on second and final reading:

a.) Ordinance No. 8094, designating Plymouth Congregational Church, 925 Vt., as a landmark on the Lawrence Register of Historic Places.

b.) Ordinance No. 8095, designating the structure at 621 Conn. as a landmark on the Lawrence Register of Historic Places.

c.) Ordinance No. 8096, designating the structure at 1646 Mass. as a landmark on the Lawrence Register of Historic Places.

d.) Ordinance No. 8085, authorizing the initiation of eminent domain proceedings to acquire needed utility easements for Pump Station 48.

¢ Adopt the following resolutions:

a.) Resolution No. 6713, replacing the current 457 Deferred Compensation Plan provider and trustee with a new plan provider and trustee.

b.) Resolution No. 6714, authorizing the mayor to sign Agreement 38-07 with the Secretary of Transportation for reimbursement of costs for the 2008 KLINK project, 23rd Street from Iowa to Louisiana streets.

¢ Authorize the city manager to enter into contracts with the incentive recipients of the 2007 Downtown Sprinkler Program.

¢ Approve as signs of community interest a request from the Lawrence Region Antique Automobile Club of America to place directional and notification signs in various rights-of-way during The Lawrence Swap Meet from May 4-May 6.

¢ Approve as signs of community interest a request from Friends of the Library to place signs in various rights-of-way during the annual book sale from Friday through April 21.

¢ Approve variance request (City Code Section 19-214B) allowing a private sanitary sewer service line connection, in Cypress Park Addition Replat, to cross public right-of-way and cross over a drainage easement.

¢ Authorize the city manager to enter into a License Agreement with Lawrence Freenet to install communications equipment on designated traffic control signals along Clinton Parkway.

¢ Approve, subject to conditions, SE-04-07-07, a Special Event request for a downtown film festival in the 900 block of New Hampshire Street, more specifically the southwest corner of Ninth and New Hampshire streets.

¢ Authorize the mayor to sign the EPA Green Power Partnership Agreement and launch a Green Power Community Campaign in conjunction with Earth Day.

¢ Receive city manager's report.

Regular agenda

¢ Receive comments from Mayor Mike Amyx and City Commission.

¢ The city clerk will conduct swearing-in of elected city commissioners. The new City Commission will be seated.

¢ Conduct election of new mayor.

¢ Conduct election of vice-mayor.

¢ Comments of mayor and city commissioners.

¢ Recess for approximately 20 minutes.

¢ Consider a motion to recess into executive session for 30 minutes to discuss matters deemed privileged under the attorney-client relationship. The justification for the executive session is to keep attorney-client matters confidential. The regular meeting of the commission will resume in the City Commission meeting room.


Michael Capra 11 years ago

recess so they can get the real reason the lawsuits cant be settled it will now cost 5 million to settle the cause is boog,schauner,rundle

Richard Heckler 11 years ago

The cause is the arrogance of Wal-Mart and certain local investors. No one says no to the rich and powerful = bad attitude.

Is Wal-Mart for America(or Lawrence)? =================================== America's Campaign to Change Wal-Mart ===================================

Michael Capra 11 years ago

merrill just mad because he will only be able to talk to his dog

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 11 years ago

"Ah, April is finally here, and everything is fresh and new."

Pilgrim wallows in his delusions.

rhd99 11 years ago

Winds of change are at City Hall. Now is Da Da man listening or is he in fantasy land again, hoping that he will make mayor again some day? Time will tell with Chestnut & Dever but Schauner had his chance & HE BLEW IT!

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