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Creative solutions with wallpaper

April 9, 2007


Wallpaper can offer potent help for a range of puzzling decor dilemmas. Here are a few tips on how a roll or two can go a long way from HOME magazine:

¢ Add interest to a bookcase by lining the interior with a colorful print. Try using different designs for each shelf.

¢ Give a staircase a personalized touch by covering the risers. Use a color that contrasts with the treads.

¢ Dress up your windows by covering plain plywood interior shutters in brightly patterned paper.

¢ Accent a solid-colored wall with a chair rail molding wrapped in paper. Small prints work best for this project.

¢ Adhere a swath of paper directly to the floor to create an "area rug." Apply several layers of clear polyurethane to seal.


pelliott 10 years, 8 months ago

I can barely believe this. If this is news where is the editor, if this is a plug who paid for this copy? maybe a story of how wall paper can be now be made from photos, so one can have a wall depicting some great geography or orignal art, but yes wallpapering the riser of a stair as news or fashion seems to be a new low.

Ragingbear 10 years, 8 months ago

Oh man. Does anyone realize how gaudy this advice is?

Wilbur_Nether 10 years, 8 months ago

This is a valid clip, pelliot. First, this is an "interest" piece appropriately placed in the "Pulse" section. (The editors for this section by the way: Jon Niccum and Mindie Paget.) Not all "news" is "breaking updates" on international violence or how the legislature is cutting your taxes--in this section of the paper "news" includes updates on the current trends in fashion/television/home/calendar (in the order they appear on the Pulse section's banner). Second, this piece was taken from the McClatchy-Tribune News Service--it's a wire piece from a respected source. Third, there is no plug--other than to cite HOME magazine as the source of the piece. No wall-paper manufacturer named, no retailer, no consultant.... Although this may not be very exciting to you, pelliott, there's nothing much wrong with it. If you disagree with its inclusion here, vote with your money--don't purchase the LJW, and don't check it out on-line until they give you the type of news you want. But there's nothing wrong with this story.

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