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Judge issues warrant for AWOL molester

April 6, 2007


A Parkville, Mo., man who was convicted last month of molesting a girl in 2000 in Lawrence did not show up for his sentencing Thursday in Douglas County District Court.

Former Lawrence resident Joseph Schwartz, 35, pleaded no contest and was found guilty March 9 of two counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child. He faced more than 12 years in prison. After the plea hearing, Schwartz was ordered to report to custody March 23, but he didn't. Then he missed his sentencing hearing Thursday.

So Douglas County District Judge Michael Malone issued a second bench warrant for Schwartz's arrest and revoked the $50,000 bond that had allowed Schwartz to be free after his arrest in 2006. A judge also issued a bench warrant in March when he failed to report to jail.

Amy McGowan, assistant Douglas County district attorney, said one of the conditions of Schwartz's plea agreement was that he surrender to authorities on time. She said prosecutors will file a motion to nullify the deal if and when he is arrested.

Schwartz had a 2000 sex crime conviction in Illinois.


Ragingbear 11 years ago

Ok, let me get this straight. Your found guilty for a horrid crime, but the judge is too drunk for the day to make a decision on place to send you to rot for the next 10-20 years. So your released onto the street to do more horrid things for 2 weeks, and expected to just show up to see the inside of prison where YOU will be the one molested for your stay there. Really friggin smart.

Find the guy, toss him in a wood chipper. Use it as fertilizer, or seagull food, or something.

Christine Pennewell Davis 11 years ago

this can not be real. Are we in the twilight zone?

BrianR 11 years ago

Parkay, Every time you open your pie hole, you demonstrate that you are an extremist nutjob.

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