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County fireworks dealers get another day to sell

April 5, 2007


Fireworks dealers in Douglas County will have one more day to sell their product this summer.

County commissioners Wednesday night approved allowing fireworks to be sold in the county over four days instead of three. The sales can take place from July 1 through July 4.

Commissioners made that decision in response to a request from the Douglas County Fireworks Association, made up of local fireworks dealers.

A letter from the association to commissioners noted that most surrounding counties allow from seven to nine days for the sale of fireworks. The local association requested only a one-day extension.

"One more day would just help us stay more competitive," said Eric Garrett, the association's secretary-treasurer.

Dealers often lose a day of sales because of rain, Garrett and fireworks dealer Jim Pine said.

"One more day would be helpful just to make up for a rain day," Pine said.

State regulations state that fireworks sales can't take place before June 27 or after July 5.

Fireworks dealers must pay $100 for a county permit to set up a sales stand. But many years the permit doesn't cover the cost of stand inspections, said Keith Dabney, head of the county's Zoning and Codes Department, which conducts the inspections.

Commissioners left the door open to increasing permit fees in the near future. They also directed Dabney to come up with a process for enforcing compliance with county ordinances. One possibility Dabney will look at includes not issuing a permit to a dealer the following year if it did not comply with the rules the previous year.

The Wakarusa Township Fire Department conducts its own inspections. Commissioners told Dabney to work with the fire department and come up with a method that avoids duplication of inspections.


formerfarmer 11 years, 2 months ago

How can $100 not cover the cost of a simple inspection? Apparently the inspectors are being paid outraegous wages. Even at $25.00 and hour and $25.00 travel expense, that leaves 3 hrs to complete an inspection. Not a whole lot to look at when you have a tent, a few tables and a few extension cords.

gr 11 years, 2 months ago

"noted that most surrounding counties allow from seven to nine days for the sale of fireworks."

'Everybody else is doing it.' = Casinos, fireworks, etc., etc.

"How can $100 not cover the cost of a simple inspection? "

Could it be: "come up with a method that avoids duplication of inspections." = Incompetency.

If the county wants to inspect things, I guess that is their right. However, I disagree the inspectee should have to pay for it. Which implies the rest of the tax payers are paying. But then, let the tax payers decide if that is something the county should be inspecting. If the tax payers think this is a good thing to inspect and are willing to pay for it, then there's no question.

KansasKel 11 years, 2 months ago

Woohoo!!! One more day to buy things we can't even use inside the city limits!!!

kj 11 years, 2 months ago

I am so glad that we have a piece of property right outside of the city limits.

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