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Budget-writers lay out 2 percent raises

April 3, 2007


— State workers would get a 2 percent pay raise and $860 bonus under a compromise hammered out by House and Senate budget-writers Monday.

The $44.3 million deal would apply to the fiscal year that starts July 1. The bonus payments would be paid Dec. 14.

"We made progress," House Appropriations Chairwoman Sharon Schwartz, R-Washington, said after lengthy meetings with Senate budget conferees.

In addition, the pay plan would give an extra 5 percent raise to 1,533 state workers whose pay has been deemed significantly below the private sector. It also provides an increase from $40 to $50 for longevity pay.

For Kansas University employees, the salary increase and bonus funds would be pooled and sent to the university as part of the school's block grant. University administrators then will make the decision on the size of pay raises.

The pay plan is part of a proposed state budget that, once finalized in conference committee, will go to the full House and Senate for consideration, which could happen as early as today.

The pay proposal also would establish a commission that would work to develop a new state pay system.

State Rep. Lee Tafanelli, R-Ozawkie, vice chairman of the Appropriations Committee, said the commission was an important factor that will lead to long-term changes in the how employees are compensated.

"The main thing that we were after is that we acknowledge that there are problems with the state pay plan. We need to correct those problems, and I think the core of that is there, so we're good with it," Tafanelli said.

At the outset, the House and Senate were far apart on proposed pay raises.

House Republicans had proposed a 1 percent salary increase, $1,450 one-time salary bonus and an additional 5 percent increase for those whose job classes are substantially below the average market pay.

But the Senate had offered a 3 percent pay raise and additional 5 percent increase to those way below market average.


bobberboy 7 years ago

Once again state workers get screwed. This is a broken record that never stops. Let's set the record straight - when a state worker is hired they're told that their salary increases are based on a step system - that's an increase of 2.5 % increase in salary for the first 14 years of employment - then that's it - no more raises. Ofcourse their is usually some cost of living (which is NEVER equal to the real cost of living) which is usually about 1%. Since I have been working for the state my salary has erroded over the years even with my step increases and cost of living. To this date the State of Kansas continues to hire employees and tell them that they are part of this pay matrix - however they never tell them that they can take it away at their whim and most likly will take it away under the gize of "this system is out of date and is broken" The only reason it's out of date is because they can't find the money to support it - what with all the tax cuts and their inability to do anything about allowing state dollars to go to surrounding states in the form of gaming revenues, etc. etc. etc.. What's really amazing is they spend hugh amounts of money for some company to discover that there are a number of employees which are underpaid by 25% (number was recently reduced to 20% because they felt that would sound better to the underpaid employees). Their solution is to give the underpaid employees and 5% pay increase. DAAA! That means we're still 15 - 20 % underpaid !! I know I sound like a big cry baby and no one really gives a rats ass but hey that's how I feel and it's the truth. I hope some of you out there have jobs where your respected for what you contribute - instead of being treated like morons.


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