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Will young voters turn out to polls tomorrow?

April 2, 2007


6News Now

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In tonight's 6News and tomorrow's Lawrence Journal-World, will Lawrence's most eligible voters turn out at the polls tomorrow and a look at the climbing crime trends on the KU campus.


Lulu 7 years ago

I'm proud to be an anti-American bisexual anarchist leaning anti-corporate American socialist Democrat Atheist environmentalist, because at least I know I'm free.

The womyn of Lawrence will gladly stand up and vote for Boog, Cary and David to defend her still today.

'Cause there ain't no doubt we love this town, Don't mess with us on voting day.


The developturd lovers should stay home. We have the numbers and we will keep it, now and forever.


Thats_messed_up 7 years ago

Schauner-puke, Booger-gag, Moody-laugh! These idiots(Schauner and Booger) have had 4 years to lose 900 Lawrence jobs and Moody is living in her own little socialist fantasy world; she has no idea what the voters of Lawrence want. The wait is over, she'll find out tomorrow and it's definitely not her or her two anti-anything candidates!



blackwalnut 7 years ago

Vote against ugly sprawl.

David Schauner Cary Maynard-Moody Boog Highberger


coneflower 7 years ago

hawk: You are mistaken, there are huge difference in the candidates' positions.

Schauner/Highberger/Maynard-Moody support a raise in minimum wage. The others do not.

Schauner/Highberger/Maynard-Moody support affordable housing. The others do not.

Schauner/Highberger/Maynard-Moody support a domestic partnership registry. The others do not.

Schauner/Highberger/Maynard-Moody support fees to make developers pay for sewers, roads, etc. required by new construction, instead of the taxpayers. The others do not.

Schauner/Highberger/Maynard-Moody support a wage above the poverty line for firms that accept city tax breaks. The others do not.

Schauner/Highberger/Maynard-Moody are for the people of Lawrence - ALL the people of Lawrence.


hawkperchedatriverfront 7 years ago

Young as in 18? What a waste of time for the j/w, the stories should have been written about the candidates. The information provided thus far is about the same decision, vote for no one. Any vote at this election is simply a vote against someone as opposed to a vote for a candidate who is thinking, concerned, and committed to do good for the community. However, given the state of Lawrence right now, it probably doesn't deserve good things to happen. No one would know the difference,

BRAIN for the BRAIN if you are 18-45 years old.


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