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On the record

April 2, 2007


Law enforcement report

¢ Lawrence-Douglas County Fire and Medical responded to a fire alarm at Naismith Hall, 1800 Naismith Drive, early Sunday morning. No fire was located, but a used fire extinguisher was found. In the process of searching for the fire, a firefighter was injured and taken to Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Department officials declined to say what caused the injury.

Burglaries and thefts reported

¢ A 19-year-old male Kansas University student was taken into custody in connection with a vehicle burglary in the 1800 block of Naismith Drive early Sunday morning. A police dispatcher said Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical reported the crime, but he couldn't say if the damage was to a department vehicle. The man was booked into Douglas County Jail on charges of burglary, theft of an item valued between $500 and $25,000, criminal damage to property and obstruction of a legal proceeding. He remained in Douglas County Jail on $13,500 bond as of Sunday night.


redfred 11 years ago

LJW -"a police dispatcher said". There are NO police dispatachers. They are agency unto themselves and report to no one. Just ask the police and fire departments how happy they are with "their" dispatchers.

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