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Politician participates in ring-tone ruse

April 2, 2007


— Radio listeners who believed a city councilman Sunday when he called for a ban on "obnoxious" cell phone ring tones should have checked their calendars.

Councilman David Yassky, a Brooklyn Democrat, told National Public Radio's "Weekend Edition Sunday" that he wants to ban all but four city-approved cell phone ring tones.

Most ring tones are obnoxious, Yassky told host Liane Hansen.

He also said distracting ring tones cost the economy $1.2 billion and that fights induced by "ring-tone rage" are up more than 100 percent.

The only problem is the proposal was a bit of April Fool's Day humor.

Every April Fool's Day, NPR does a bogus piece.

Last year, "All Things Considered" reported on exploding maple syrup trees in New England. In 2005, the spot featured a Fredonia, N.Y., ice cream parlor with yuck-inducing flavors like sauerkraut, bologna and bacon and eggs.

"I'm glad you thought it was funny," Yassky, 43, told the New York Daily News. "That's what politicians are here for - to amuse you."


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