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Money tip

April 2, 2007


Lending friends money usually does not work. Getting it back isn't always easy, especially if time passes and your friend hasn't said a word. Money magazine offers these suggestions for making sure you get paid:

¢ Don't wait to ask for it back. Any longer than a few days is too long.

¢ Don't apologize or make it a big deal. Ask for your money in a straightforward manner, and don't act as though you're sorry to be asking.

¢ Send an e-mail. Asking in person or over the phone can be awkward. And if you don't get the money back quickly or if there's confusion over when you asked for it, you'll have a written back-up.

¢ Give your friend some options to pay you back. Tell her you can pick up the money, or you can even set up a PayPal account if you're inclined. But if you've reminded your friend a number of times and still haven't been paid, it may be a sign that your buddy just doesn't have the money. Consider asking for small payments on a monthly basis, or ask him or her to pick up the check when you eat out together next.


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