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City commission briefs

April 2, 2007


Agenda highlights ¢ 6:35 p.m. Tuesday ¢ City Hall, Sixth and Massachusetts streets ¢ Sunflower Broadband Channel 25 ¢ Meeting documents online at

City Commission year to wrap up with address

Bottom line

Mayor Mike Amyx will deliver the annual State of the City Address at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. Tuesday's meeting is the last full meeting for the current City Commission.


It has become a tradition for the mayor to deliver an address outlining what has been accomplished in the last year, and looking ahead to the challenges of the new year. The address is one of the few items on the agenda. Amyx's term as mayor will end at next week's meeting. The new commission, which also will begin its term at next week's meeting, will select a new mayor. If tradition is upheld, it will be current Vice Mayor Sue Hack.

Other business


¢ State of the City address

¢ Recognition of recipients of the Mayor's Excellence in Education Award.

¢ Proclaim the month of April 2007 as Mathematics Awareness Month.

¢ Proclaim the month of April 2007 as Fair Housing Month.

Consent agenda

¢ Approve City Commission meeting minutes from March 13.

¢ Receive minutes from various boards and commissions:

¢ Approve all claims.

¢ Approve appointments as recommended by the Mayor.

¢ Bid and purchase items:

a.) Award bid for 11 Crown Victoria Police patrol cars to Shawnee Mission Ford for $230,780.

b.) Award bid for residential trash carts and recycling carts to Roy Conley for $22,548. Bid Memo & Attachment.

c.) Award bid for one (1) backhoe for the Utilities Department to Victor L. Phillips for $76,410.

d.) Authorize staff to adjust Eagle Bend golf course cart rentals to include the collection of sales tax as follows: 9 hole rental, $10.00; 18 hole rental, $15.00.

e.) Authorize City Manager to enter into an Agreement with the Secretary of Transportation for reimbursement of funds for the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Architecture for $34,292.62. Staff Memo

f.) Authorize City Manager to enter into an agreement with Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. for professional services for the development of an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Architecture for $158,683.

g.) Award bid for Phase III of the downtown waterline improvements to the low bidder, Nowak Construction, for $1,928,977.60.

h.) Authorize the City Manger to amend the contract with BRB Contractors in the amount of $38,000 for a total of $2,253,000 for the construction of improvements to three pump stations in North Lawrence. This change order encompasses an additional manhole and additional sewer required to avoid a buried obstruction.

i.) Authorize staff to pursue amendment to Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to reflect use of federal appropriations for vehicle replacement of fixed-route fleet.

¢ Adopt the following ordinance(s) on first reading:

a.) Ordinance No. 8094, designating as a landmark (L-10-02-2006) on the Lawrence Register of Historic Places. The structure is located at 925 Vermont Street.

b.) Ordinance No. 8095, designating as a landmark (L-11-03-2006) on the Lawrence Register of Historic Places. The structure is located at 621 Connecticut Street.

c.) Ordinance No. 8096, designating as a landmark (L-12-04-2006) on the Lawrence Register of Historic Places. The structure is located at 1646 Massachusetts Street.

d.) Ordinance No. 8085, authorizing the initiation of eminent domain proceedings to acquire needed utility easements for Pump Station 48.

¢ Adopt the following ordinance(s) on second and final reading:

a.) Joint City/County ordinance amending Horizon 2020, Chapter 5 - Residential Land Use, to replace Figure 5-1 with the Neighborhood Concept.

b.) Ordinance No. 8093, creating a Neighborhood Revitalization Plan and designating a Neighborhood Revitalization Area.

8. Adopt the following resolution(s):

a.) Resolution No. 6711, condemning property interests, Lot 1, Block 1, Lewis Subdivision (2300 Louisiana Street), as authorized by the City Commission on February 20.

¢ receive city manager's report

Regular agenda

¢ Receive status report on applications from Lawrence Freenet for the use of the Harper Street water tower location and several city light poles to mount Internet equipment.


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