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Phill Kline’s responses to reporters’ questions

September 29, 2006


Here is the interchange between Atty. Gen. Phill Kline and reporters about the case involving the 21-year-old Topeka man charged with having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Kline said, "The evidence leading to the investigation ... was obtained partially through our inquisition from abortion records."

Q: The information came from one of the records you had subpoenaed?

A: The information came from abortion records.

Q: Part of the 90 records that were at issue at the Supreme Court?

A: This is part of the investigation that this office ...

Q: That's not what I asked.

A: You've got my answer. Furthermore, this is the second confirmation as it relates to multiple child rape charges that were filed in Parsons, Kansas. You have quotes from the county attorney down there indicating that evidence directly obtained from this office through its investigation has led to those child rape charges.

Q: That would be the live birth records?

A: That is incorrect. These are abortion records.

Q: But these are not the 90 records we are talking about?

A: You guys know that I can't get into that without these clinics screaming to high heaven that somehow I am violating a gag order. But I can indicate that this was through the investigation of this office as confirmed to you now by two county attorneys, and that needs to be reported.

Q: Would there be other information that would be generated as you started this case that wouldn't have been generated had you not started this whole effort?

A: The investigation has been going on for three years. And you only have what has been made public by the clinics and through the Kansas Supreme Court lifting what previously was an investigation that was private. We can't get into a lot of those details. But believe me there was substantial information provided to the judge for him to make the finding of probable cause to believe that crimes had been committed. We've gathered evidence from numerous sources as it relates to our investigation.

Q: Are there abortion records that are not in dispute that you have pursued?

A: All of it is pursuant to the investigation that this office has been undertaking.


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