Fresh legs give Baldwin boost

Bulldogs make most of large roster, drop Seabury

The lopsided number of substitutions in Tuesday’s boys soccer game between Baldwin High and Seabury Academy ultimately resulted in a lopsided score.

The Seahawks started the game with just one eligible player on the bench – left short with the loss of Min Kyu Lee to a broken hand and starting goalie Philip Anderson with an unknown illness – while the Bulldogs had enough to man a second team.

With some strategic substituting by coach Gus Wegner, Baldwin constantly had fresh legs on the field.

Then, halfway through the second half, Seabury’s Aaron Chung cramped up and the 12 players on the field for the Seahawks were without anyone to give them a breather.

The final result was an 8-2 Baldwin victory at the Youth Sports Inc. complex.

“We were gassed at that point. There wasn’t much we could do,” Seabury coach Gunar Harmon said. “They just loaded a whole other team.”

Despite executing its plan of shutting down Baldwin’s Chuery Fernando, the amount of talent at the Bulldogs’ disposal was just too much for Seabury.

“I was very worried about (Fernando) and played strategy to deal with him, but they just had too many weapons at the end,” Harmon said.

Baldwin High forward Chuery Fernando, left, turns the ball toward the goal to set up a pass against Seabury defender James Kemper. Fernando's pass led to a first-half goal Tuesday in the Bulldogs' 8-2 victory at the Youth Sports Inc. complex.

Baldwin posted three goals in the first half – the most impressive coming from a boot downfield by goalkeeper Colin Busby to set up Travis Moore for his first of two goals in the half – while holding the Seahawks scoreless.

However, the final 14 minutes resulted in an offensive explosion, as six of the 10 goals were scored. The first two came from Seabury’s Simon Thompson from near midfield, while the Seahawks’ Chris Parker connected soon after on a penalty kick.

“Their defense was really good and pressured the ball really well – something I think we didn’t do,” Thompson said. “But towards the end of the game we just tried to be more aggressive. You know, at 4-2, you think there might be some hope, so we just put it all into it.”

After Seabury suddenly made the game interesting, the Seahawks’ fatigue caught up with them as the Bulldogs notched four more goals – three by Kirby Flory.

“The old story is, the last 15 or 20 minutes is when the most goals are scored, because the team that’s conditioned (the most) – or if you can sub in enough to keep that level of momentum and the ability to play the game hard,” Wegner said.

Flory capped off the game when he took a pass from Dustin Schiller – who had two goals of his own – and put in his third goal with one minute remaining.

“Most of it came from the other players,” said Flory about his hat trick, the first two of which were unassisted. “All the passing was great to us right around the goal and it was mostly the other people that need to be credited for it.”