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Shooting calls for new investigation policy

September 26, 2006


Lawrence Police Department procedures call for a team within the department to investigate after an officer is involved in a shooting.

"When an officer of the Lawrence Police Department is involved in a fatal shooting on or off-duty, a thorough and objective investigation of the facts and circumstances will be initiated immediately and completed as soon as possible," the procedures state.

One person, at least a rank higher than the officer who fired the shot, is designated as the primary investigator for the department and oversees a process that includes interviews, collection of physical evidence and inspecting the officer's weapon.

The officer who fired is required to be available for interviews and is prohibited from discussing the case with anyone other than prosecutors, investigating officers, and confidants such as attorneys, spouse, clergy or counselors.

Once that investigation is finished, the chief appoints an "Officer Involved Shooting Review Board" that does not call witnesses but reviews the record, requests follow-up interviews if needed, and forwards its findings to the chief for review.


smitty 7 years, 6 months ago

An opportunity for all the forum to discuss supporting data to the sbc, less than lethal force, internal policies and procedures but all discussion stops when opposing data produced by law enforcemnt is presented.

No comments on the data provided?


smitty 7 years, 7 months ago

Here is some more food for thought....

The United States Supreme Court in the City of Canton v. Harris (1989) held failing to train police officers may be the basis for managerial liability under Title 42 United States Code Section 1983. Using a content analysis, 1,525 Section 1983 lawsuits alleging failure to train were reviewed from 1989 to 1999. The research revealed ten frequent topic areas where the plaintiff regularly identifies police administrators as defendants. Emerging trends of this litigation and recommendations for police administrators are discussed.

We always get a standard answer from Olin, city manager(Wildgen)to a police high speed chase, police shootings, any questionable action by the lpd. Olin or his top admin & city hall state that policy was followed. Then soon afterward that policy changes along with training. Sooner or later the liablity issue by a competent attorney will win a case against the city's police chief and city hall.


smitty 7 years, 7 months ago

Along with the post I put up about suicide by cop case study, there is a starting place to exit the attacks and get to some productive exchange.

I would much rather have the input from another community with some experience than have an OLINITE tell me how to initiate a police review.

Who would serve on the review board was the question I offered up. Of course there is other info that will create topic discussion if the forum will allow it.


monkeywrench1969 7 years, 7 months ago


Many of these example of how the review boards work complaints are investigated by a section of the cops. You complain about the LPDs system now and it sounds similar.

Still you can't have people with no knowledge and experience in police work reviewing whether they did it right. hence the previous post. Those who want these citizen review boards usually have an ax to grind and it would be more of a political unit than anything.


smitty 7 years, 7 months ago

Oh, for those of you confused about the lack of supporting data, this is an editorial. The anon type that the JW prints dailey on the left hand side of the editaorial page.

Why the JW chose to run/headline on an editorial the way they did is confusing especially on an emotion packed event/issue where we know of lpd corruption, perjury, cover ups in the past that have not been addressed.


smitty 7 years, 7 months ago

For those of you who are requesting sensitivity for the family and friends, please keep in mind that a good many of the posts here and on the other threads on this issue are by anon police, their families and friends.

Educate not exacerbate.


smitty 7 years, 7 months ago

Here's another that also addresses who serves on the board...


The Citizen's Police Review Board (CPRB) was established through City Commission action in November of 1998 and the CPRB became operational in 1999. The CPRB was established to provide civilian review of the investigations of alleged police misconduct undertaken by the City of Muskegon. It is to encourage people who believe they have been mistreated by police officers to use the Internal Affairs system to have the officer's conduct reviewed. It is intended to create a process that fairly evaluates the conduct of everyone involved to determine whether or not a breach of departmental rules and regulations has occurred.

As set forth by City Commission action, the board is made up of the following membership:

Three members representing minority based organizations

Three members representing Neighborhood Associations of Muskegon

One law enforcement professional from another jurisdiction

Two citizens at large

This nine person board is appointed by the Muskegon City Commission.


Any complaint against an officer is first handled through the department's internal affairs investigation procedure. The complainant completes a complaint form at the Police Department, City Clerk's Office or may submit it by mail. If the complaint is registered by mail it must still be accompanied by the signed complaint form. Additional pages may be attached if needed.

After the internal affairs investigation the complainant will receive a complaint disposition form by registered mail. If the complainant is not satisfied with the disposition after the internal affairs investigation they may complete and sign the bottom of the disposition form requesting a review by the Citizen's Police Review Board and return the form within 10 days. The item will then be placed on the agenda for the next available Citizen's Police Review Board meeting. The complainant is then notified of the meeting date and the review board members are given copies of police reports and internal affairs investigation transcripts of the case involved. The board may also view video tapes from the event in question if available. The CPRB normally meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in room 103 of Muskegon City Hall, 933 Terrace Street, Muskegon, MI. If this date conflicts with a national holiday the board will then set an alternate date.

After hearing a case, the Citizen's Police Review Board will then make a recommendation to the City Manager for further action if necessary.

For questions about the Citizen's Police Review Board, feel free to contact the Police-Community Coordinator, Mr. Denny Powers at the Muskegon Police Department or by e-mail at Police Community Coordinator


smitty 7 years, 7 months ago

here's one example of a review board....

***If you feel that you have been treated inappropriately by an officer of the Oakland Police Department or an Oakland Park Ranger, you may file a police misconduct complaint with either: 1) the Citizens' Police Review Board (CPRB), a civilian police oversight agency for the City of Oakland; or 2) the Oakland Police Department, Internal Affairs Division (OPD/IAD).

The CPRB has civilian investigators and uses a public process to review complaints. The OPD/IAD has sworn police investigators and uses a confidential process to review complaints.

To file a complaint with the CPRB:

Telephone the CPRB at (510) 238-3159 and request that a complaint form be mailed or faxed to you. Complete, sign, and return the complaint form to the CPRB. Telephone the CPRB at (510) 238-3159 and ask to speak with an investigator, who will help you with the filing. (TTY 510-238-2007) Download a copy of the complaint form from this web-site, fill it out and return it to the CPRB. Come to the CPRB office on the 11th floor of City Hall and ask to speak with an investigator, who will help you with the filing. Fax the completed complaint to CPRB at (510) 238-7084. Mail your completed complaint form to: Citizens' Police Review Board City Hall One Frank Ogawa Plaza, 11th Floor Oakland, CA 94612

After a complaint has been filed with the CPRB:

Complaints are investigated by a civilian complaint investigator who prepares an investigative report for the Citizens' Police Review Board. The Board is a nine member advisory body. Members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. The Board conducts public hearings on some cases and may make written recommendations to the City Manager for discipline of officers or rangers. The City Manager decides whether to implement the recommendations of the Board, to implement them with modifications, or not to implement them.

To file a complaint with the OPD/IAD:

Telephone OPD/IAD at (510) 238-3161 and request that a complaint form by mailed or faxed to you. Come to the OPD/IAD office at the address below and request a complaint form. Mail completed complaint forms to: Oakland Police Department, Internal Affairs Division 250 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Ste. C Oakland, CA 94612

Note: All complaints filed with the CPRB are also forwarded to the Oakland Police Department, Internal Affairs Division. Also, all complaints filed with the Oakland Police Department, Internal Affairs Division, are forwarded to the CPRB. One or both agencies may investigate your complaint.***


monkeywrench1969 7 years, 7 months ago

Wow a new low for the LJWorld. No supporting data for the headline. It should say "Hey buy a paper to see I was scammed"

Sybil which personality is talking here...the one who has been keeping up with all the stories on the subject or one who wants to fling poo. If you read the various stories the KBI is involved and the Douglas COunty Sherrif's Office is on board. I would assume if the autopsy does not support their findings then they could call in another agency like some agency in the Feds. Don't see this as the "good ole boys"

My other question is why should a group of citizens with no police training or experience who I am assuming would be elected (because that would be fair...right) be the ones to review how a police officer responding in a police related conflict.

I am not qualified through education or technical expertise to be part of a doctors review board if he or she screwed up during an operation nor would I put my self on a police review board to question the actions of a police officer who was being shot at by a person. WHo do you think should be on such a owner of the Merc, A barista from downtown, one of our full time protestors, a local shop owner, a realtor, a defense attorney ...what could they possibly know that would shed light on this situation


sybil 7 years, 7 months ago

This isn't a new policy but it is out dated. A review board of citizens should investigate any policre action that may be questionable. Never should an Officer be invesytigated by one of the good ole boys.


parsimoniousjayhawker 7 years, 7 months ago

I agree Sigmund... SENSATIONALISM at its best... Journal World rookies trying to stir the pot at the police department's expense AGAIN.....


Sigmund 7 years, 7 months ago

How does this article support it headline? Who has called for a new policy? What facts surrounding the shooting motivated this unnamed person to call for a new policy? Where and when did they make this call?

I hearby nominate this LJW article as the stupidest of the year. If Dolph pays this person minimum wage he overpaid the unnamed author.


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