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On the money

September 25, 2006


Millions of Americans are counting on their 401(k) plans to see them through the golden years.

If you're considering enrollment in a 401(k) plan and would like to know more about how a plan works, there's plenty of financial advice available online.

You might visit one of the following Web sites:

¢AARP ( discusses the importance of funding a 401(k) plan, with a step-by-step guide.

¢ The Investment FAQ ( provides detailed review of the important elements of 401(k) plans.

¢ ( features 401(k) smart planner, with insights on select related topics.

¢ 401k Center ( covers 401(k) basics, investment types and roll-over insights.

¢ 401k Help Center ( contains 401(k) tools and a wide range of related information.


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