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What a great time to buy Real Estate in the Lawrence area

September 22, 2006


This might be one of the best times in recent years to buy a home with a local housing market that is very favorable to buyers. Although the number of transactions to date in 2006 are not down as much as many would have you believe, there is an abundance of homes to pick from and sellers are feeling very accommodating to attract those buyers that are actively shopping for a home in the area

If you are a seller, or are considering selling, you had better be certain that you are putting your best foot forward. Make sure that your home is priced right and that you do what is necessary to prepare your house to be on the market. sellers are competing against one another and not every seller will reach their goal by year's end. If the value of your home and the asking price don't match up, you might want to prepare for the winter months ahead. More than ever, it is vital that sellers have the right combination of price, value, condition, marketing, and expertise to get their homes sold.

For buyers however, this is an outstanding time for you! If you are looking for all of the stars to line up and the ducks to be in a row:this is as close as it gets! There are many homes to choose from in all price ranges, sellers are realizing that they need to have realistic expectations, interest rates are very attractively priced, and Realtors® and lenders are lined up around the block to help!

Rob Hulse, of Stephens Real Estate, is President of the Lawrence Board of Realtors.


fonz73 11 years, 8 months ago

Is this a story or free advertisement?

KsTwister 11 years, 8 months ago

They are lined up to help because they have so many that take almost a year to sell. I know some people who say they are taking big losses because their homes won't sell here and they moved away a year ago. So this must be advertisement.

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