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Don’t wait

Today always is the best time to show some kindness to those around us.

September 20, 2006


It's a difficult lesson to have to learn so young.

First, students at Central Junior High School and New York School had to deal with the loss of two classmates in a house fire early Sunday morning in East Lawrence. The death of someone they knew, especially someone their own age, is a difficult experience for ones so young.

The other lesson at least some students apparently had to learn was about regret, losing not only a classmate but losing the chance to ever make amends.

"I know a lot of people who wish they could take back what they said and did to him," said Natascha Spiridigliozzi, a classmate of 13-year-old Nolan Vender, the oldest of four children killed in the fire.

Nolan was described by those who knew him as an artist and a talented musician. Such attributes may not always be fully appreciated by junior high school classmates, and Natascha's comment seems to indicate that may have been the case with Nolan. Youngsters at that age can be cruel to one another, especially to those they see as "different." Perhaps things were said or pranks were played that they now regret. They'd like to say they're sorry, but, alas, it's too late.

That's a difficult lesson for junior high youngsters. In fact, it's a difficult lesson for many adults. It certainly is a reminder to all of us not to wait until tomorrow to be more caring or to say we're sorry.


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