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Bridge closure may cause school district hardship

Perry-Lecompton superintendent says some students might transfer rather than take long detour to school

September 19, 2006


The Perry-Lecompton school district expects to lose students but add bus routes and hire more drivers to deal with the closing of the Lecompton bridge next year, Supt. Steve Johnston said.

"What we would like to do is find shuttle points and pickup points so we can minimize the additional time (students will spend) on the bus," Johnston said.

The district opposes closing the bridge, which spans the Kansas River linking Perry and Lecompton. But despite those objections and others from the Jefferson County Commission, Douglas County commissioners are sticking with their plan to close the bridge instead of leaving a lane open while repairs are made.

During their meeting Monday, Douglas County commissioners announced they will send Jefferson County a letter this week outlining their stance.

Johnson and Jones have repeatedly said they think the best option is to close the bridge. That would "be more manageable, safer and more humane," Jones said.

Jefferson County commissioners insist one lane should stay open to avoid hurting businesses and schools.

A long ride

The school district is waiting to find out exactly what happens and when the bridge will close, Johnston said. Then, the district will decide how to redraw and add bus routes and calculate how many students will be riding, he said.

"We anticipate we will have more riders than now because of the distance that people would be forced to drive to get to school," Johnston said.

Johnston also is concerned some of the district's students who live in Douglas County will transfer to the Lawrence school district or Shawnee Heights in Shawnee County rather than abide the long detour to Perry schools. Fewer students would mean less state financial aid to the district. More than 300 students daily may ride buses across the bridge from both sides of the river, estimated Mike Copple, the district's director of support services.

The trip from Lecompton to Perry-Lecompton High School over the bridge takes about five minutes to go 2.3 miles.

Test drives by the Journal-World on Monday showed it takes about 30 minutes to drive a 25-mile detour from Perry-Lecompton High School to Elmore Street in Lecompton. That detour extends east on U.S. Highway 24 to Lawrence; taking Interstate 70 west to the Lecompton exit and paying a 40-cent toll; then driving to Lecompton using North 1800 Road and County Route 1029. The time likely would be longer for buses and individual drivers, depending on the location of individual residences.

Johnston said he didn't know how many students might leave the district.

"I have to believe that people are going to make that decision to keep their kids off the road," he said. "I don't know that I blame them. That is a long drive."

Sharing cost?

Earlier this year, Jefferson and Douglas counties agreed to share the cost of the bridge work based on assessed valuation percentages. At that time, it was determined Douglas County's share would be 88.3 percent; Jefferson County's share, 11.6 percent.

The project's estimated cost is $3.3 million, if the bridge is fully closed. The work would take about 140 days. If Jefferson County participates, its share of the cost would be $385,056.

Estimates for repairs while keeping the bridge open are $4 million. Douglas County's share would be $3.5 million; Jefferson County's, $473,996. The work would take about 320 days.

Under the option preferred by Jefferson County, Douglas County commissioners are quick to note, the bridge would still be completely closed off and on for up to 60 days, and notice for closings would be short.

Jones and Johnson also said they wanted to see the contractor start soon enough in spring to be finished by the time school starts.

Incentives doubtful

"There is never a time when school isn't going in some respect at our schools, whether it be summer schools or camps," Johnston said. "There is always something going on, and there is always school business reasons to go back and forth."

Johnston said he wasn't convinced work could be done by the time school starts.

Without Jefferson County's participation, there will be little, if any, money available for incentives to the contractor to finish work quickly, Johnson and Jones said. They said Jefferson County could earmark its share of the cost for incentives, if it desired.

Jefferson County commissioners met Monday morning but did not discuss the bridge, Commissioner Lynn Luck said. She said the Commission hadn't changed its stance.

Douglas County commissioners asked County Engineer Keith Browning to work with the Kansas Department of Transportation to see if better signs or signals could be placed along U.S. Highway 24 north of Lawrence, where a curve has been the scene of numerous bad accidents over the years. They also asked the sheriff's office to see whether it can increase monitoring there during the detour.


concernedparent 11 years, 7 months ago

wow, plumberscrack, your perspective has sure changed. Thank you.

tweetybird2 11 years, 7 months ago

Thank you plumberscrack for listening enough to finally understand. I wish more people would.

only1voice 11 years, 7 months ago

Virtual School isnt a bad Idea,It may be better than driving the detour......Perhaps home schooling during the repair,thats not a Bad Idea..........

Jeff Goodrick 11 years, 7 months ago

Do you folks not understand the only people getting screwed in this deal is the Douglas Co tax payers in Lecompton, Kanwaka and Clinton Townships, which is all part of Douglas Co. The school is in Perry, Jeff Co people don't need to go to Lecompton, it's Lecompton people needing to go Perry. If 5000 cars a day go over the Lecompton bridge That's only $80 per year per car to pay for the bridge repair. I live in Lecompton and would gladly pay $80 a year to keep the bridge open, because it's going to cost me $80 a week in fuel alone. Boycott Lawrence bussiness until they keep the bridge open

Angie Dick 11 years, 7 months ago

Gosh where do I start? First off More than 80 % of that bridge is considered DG Co, Jefferson Co is 17 % of it. DG co. Has the funding but yet are wanting Jefferson Co. to pay their share?? which if I am right Jefferson county offered to pay, some of the costs. Oh then it turned into the big tax payer deal. Hey folks We all pay taxes. Oh and if I am right.. Lecompton is part of Dg co. They pay taxes to Dg co. So do you really think it's fair they have to pay the taxes but yet get to pay the extra to get there children back and forth to school? Who is getting screwed here? DG co. tax payers. Dg co and Jefferson co. can make a new bridge next to that one for mininimal costs, then fix the other one. The cost would be a little more but hey Dg co and Jefferson Co. would benifit from it.. If they choose to close the bridge Jefferson Co. will have to add on more employee's to drive the buses, additonal fuel costs, repairs to the vehicles and such. oh and lets throw in the bad weather, children from Lecompton will have to get up at 5 am to get on the bus. then what happens if your child falls ill at school? gee I want to drive and hr to pick them up, barfing in my car ect. everyone needs to understand perry/lecompton have a bond, they like keeping their children within the usd 343 school district. alot of the family's have been raised here. They don't want to uproot their children from their school's and send them to other districts. If they close the bridge, I bet alot if not everyone from Lecompton, will be hating living in DG county. They will have to pay 2 as much for everything.

justsomewench 11 years, 7 months ago

Boycott the very tax base that's paying for 80% of the project. I can't say that's the brightest idea I've heard today.

How about if Lecompton simply secede from Douglas County altogether. That'll show 'em.

I bet the "T" has a few spare busses they could throw in the kitty to diffuse this community crisis.

Or a virtual school program.


If this is the biggest hardship any of us could have to endure this year, we're doing pretty damned good.

lepchun 11 years, 7 months ago

This is exactly why I moved from Lawrence. The city commissioners of Douglas County push everyone around. They don't care about the children of Jefferson County because why? Jefferson County will loose money and who gaines it? What gives Douglas the county the right to take over part of Jefferson County? Why does Jefferson County's opinion not beening listen too? Because Dougals County is the one who benefits.

trinity 11 years, 7 months ago

sheesh, dg county is really coming across as insensitive hardasses, here. i have cause to use that bridge sometimes several times a month, sometimes less; and it will definitely cause minor difficulty for me. i can only imagine, for the schools!

sourpuss 11 years, 7 months ago

Wow, if I were part of the population of Perry, I would look into building a second bridge - at least one that could handle normal traffic (not heavy cargo - keep them on detour). Yes, bridges are expensive, but it seems like a bad situation where a bigger, stronger group can pick on you like this. This is tyranny of the majority at its finest.

And for those of you who cry foul at the extra cost to keep the lane open: sometimes you have to spend more money to do something right (even if that is right by humans and not just in terms of physical factors). If Perry were willing to pick up the "extra" cost, then would Douglas County still care?

Todd Kofford 11 years, 7 months ago

LJ World should take the word "May" out of the headline of this article, as there is no "may" about it. It WILL create hardships, not only for the school district but for the families and businesses in Lecompton and Perry.

Please remember Mr. Jones and Mr. Johnson, who voted for complete closure, during election time. Neither of these guys is affected by a complete closure of the bridge because of where they live, otherwise they would be voting differently.

BabyJay13 11 years, 7 months ago

I understand that DG. Co. wants to get this done as quickly as possible.... but they obviously don't care about the people of Perry and Lecopmton. Closing the bridge is going to effect these people more than anyone else. Like I have said before, it IS NOT always about money. Sometimes you need to think of other people and especially the kids that are involved. DG Co. has enough money (i.e. the new library that they are wanting to build) that it shouldn't matter if the bridge takes a little longer to finish.

strateup 11 years, 7 months ago

Easy solution, why not require a pedestrian crossing on the bridge during construction? The Lecomton students could walk across and a JC bus pick them up on the other side. Douglas county is certainly making it difficult.

qeely50 11 years, 7 months ago

Douglas County should just give all of my tax money to Jefferson County. It sounds like they can waste it just as freely.

countrygirl 11 years, 7 months ago

Why is it that the people who are the least affected by something like this think they are the most qualified to make decisions about it? Let the people who use the bridge the most decide.

adky 11 years, 7 months ago

I was just about to post the same idea as strateup. Why not ensure that pedestrians are always able to cross the bridge? Or get the army to string a temporary pedestrian bridge across the river alongside it.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 11 years, 7 months ago

Why is it that everyone assumes that keeping the bridge "open" won't be inconvenient, too?

The choices:

  1. Completely close the bridge for 140 days and repair at a cost $3.3 million.

  2. Keep one lane open, except for 60 mostly unpredictable days, for a construction period of 320 days and a cost of $4 million. Even with one lane open, there will be lights put in to control traffic, and when it's busy, sitting at that light likely will be a long wait.

Both options look pretty inconvenient, as all construction projects are, so the first choice is merely the lesser of two evils, with a price tag nearly $3/4 of a million less. I say it's the right decision.

Jeff Goodrick 11 years, 7 months ago

I think all of us in Lecompton and Perry need to boycott Lawrence and spend our money in Topeka or anywhere else. We may be only a couple of 1000 people out of a 100,000 but maybe we can get a point across.

Todd Kofford 11 years, 7 months ago

bozo, the difference between 60 and 140 is 80 days. That 80 days could mean life or death for a small business.

Sacerdotal 11 years, 7 months ago

Or get the army to string a temporary pedestrian bridge across the river alongside it.

Tell GW there are "evil ones" in Jefferson County. Maybe they will build a pontoon bridge.

oldgoof 11 years, 7 months ago

DG County is paying a huge amount of money for a bridge most of their patrons don't use. If people in Perry are upset, they can easily come up with the extra marginal costs of reconstruction which would ease their access. But Jeff Co didn't want to do this. No sympathy here.

Highway, road, and bridge construction/reconstruction are always inconvenient, but necessary to receive their benefits.

oldgoof 11 years, 7 months ago

And if Jeff County patrons continue to be upset, lets just save the Douglas County money and not spend any. Let it fall into disrepair and be closed.

If they then want a bridge, let Jeff County pay the whole costs.

I think at that point they would stop whining and realize it is they who are being 'piggy' in this issue.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 11 years, 7 months ago

"bozo, the difference between 60 and 140 is 80 days. That 80 days could mean life or death for a small business."

Perhaps, but 260 days of long waits to cross a one-lane bridge and 60 days of full closure will be equally if not more detrimental to those small businesses.

Todd Kofford 11 years, 7 months ago

oldgoof, is your name really Charles Jones or Bob Johnson?

badger 11 years, 7 months ago


Whose fault is it that the bridge is in such disrepair that partial or full closure is required to make the repairs? Who was responsible for the maintenance to this point?

Looks to me like Douglas Country's supplying the lion's share of the money for this. As such the people supplying less than 15% of the cost ought to ante up a little more dough if they want a say in the process, especially since their preferred 'say' will cost the people bearing the brunt of the costs some half a million dollars more - while costing them less than a hundred grand.

If they're interested in ponying up that half-mil, then Douglas County should be interested in letting them have more say in the project's timescale.

Douglas County isn't obligated to wring half a million extra dollars out of its budget for the benefit and convenience of the residents of another county, frankly. It'd be nice if they could choose the option that's best for the kids, but it'd also be fiscally irresponsible and unfair to the people whose Douglas County services might be cut or whose Douglas County taxes might be raised to pay that extra half mil.

badger 11 years, 7 months ago

Oh, and to GEARHEAD and his suggestion to take your dollars and go home:

I don't know, sweet cheeks, do you all contribute half a million dollars a year in taxes to Douglas County? Cause, if not, even the prospect of losing your business doesn't actually balance those scales. A couple thousand people spending money in Topeka instead, until they get upset about something else and forget to boycott Lawrence, that won't really make a compelling argument for massive increases in county spending.

Boycott only works if the prospect of the boycott is more severe than the prospect of what the boycott is protesting.

concernedparent 11 years, 7 months ago

It'd be like you folks in Lawrence putting your small children on a bus every day and sending them to KC everyday to go to school.

another_concerned_parent 11 years, 7 months ago

Here is an idea for the USD 343 board to consider; increase the school time now and then these kids would have their required school hours in before the bridge closes, they would get done early enough and they would not have to worry about it. This bridge closing effects me. I have a student that crosses that bridge twice a day. Thank god, they do not have sports for the 5th/6th graders at this time.

badger 11 years, 7 months ago

And, concernedparent, if Kansas City were funding a massive improvement project and eating most of the cost, then folks in Lawrence wouldn't really have much right to complain that Kansas City took the option that cost the least and demand that the more convenient option for them be implemented, if they weren't bearing a substantial portion of the increased cost.

What if all the people tizzified up about this proposed to Douglas County that Jefferson County eat most of that half-million dollar cost differential instead, and started making with the bake sales?

Cause, really, most of the people who are outraged by this don't seem to have a lot of answers for where the extra budget they're demanding Douglas County come up with is coming from.

Tammy Yergey 11 years, 7 months ago

Remember, the Douglas County kids will be the ones on the bus for an extra hour or more each day. So for those of you who think we should only take care of our own (the Douglas Co residents), we're not doing a very good job.

I'm very disappointed in the Douglas Co Commissioners.

concernedparent 11 years, 7 months ago

badger, do you realize that Lecompton is Douglas County? I live in Douglas County, I pay Douglas County taxes, therefore I am part of Douglas County. Yet, the school district that my child attends is Jefferson County. I have no control over that and my taxdollars are helping pay for that bridge, as are everyones in Lecompton who don't want the bridge closed. Now just because you live in Douglas county and it doesn't affect you, doesn't mean that the Douglas county residents that have to pay for it and it does affect, want it completely closed. And gearhead, you're right about not shopping/spending money in Lawrence/Douglas County. It may not do enough to hurt DG county, but it'll sure make me feel better to do my spending elsewhere. When I have to drive my 30 miles twice a day, I'll be sure to get gas in Perry or Grantville so I know my money will be helping Jefferson county. I hope lots of people do that. And remember the DG county @sses when it comes to voting time.

Todd Kofford 11 years, 7 months ago


What about the businesses in Lecompton (DG County) that are just as affected by the closure as the Perry businesses? They also deserve your business (if you can get to them), ... don't they?

There is a community that is separated by a river that will suffer, regardless of which county they live in.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 11 years, 7 months ago

Despite all the guilt-tripping about the poor suffering children, the fact is that if a large percentage of the work is done during summer months, which it would be under the 140-day schedule, there would likely be almost no difference in the number of school days that the bridge would be closed between the two plans.

So what is really driving this much ado about nothing that will cost Douglas County a half a million dollars?

lepchun 11 years, 7 months ago

you go concernedparent, I'm in the same fan club as you, my money will stay in Jefferson County

mseybold 11 years, 7 months ago

Why not ferry the kids across the river by pontoon?

badger 11 years, 7 months ago

My apologies, concernedparent. I was under the impression most of the complainers were from Jefferson County.

concernedparent 11 years, 7 months ago

You know it just really ticks me off that the Douglas county commissioners do things like have meetings in Lecompton to hear what the people want, want to know what the school district thinks, want to know what Jeff County thinks, but then when it comes down to them not hearing what they want to hear, they throw their money around and make all the decisions. I don't know how many of you lecompton/perry folks saw Lynn Luck on the news last night but she was defending us and again stated that they would withhold their funds. And I'm very glad for that. I hope they stick to their guns and keep to this decision. Its nice to know that the Jeff County commissioners give a crap about the citizens of Lecompton since our own county commissioners don't. Its all about who has more money nowadays and if Jefferson county could pay for all of it, I'm sure they would. A fairy across the river won't work I don't think, due to those traintracks located on the South side. The douglas county commissioner that they interviewed last night kept talking that the reasoning behind completely closing the bridge was a safety issue. Bull crap. And throwing a bunch of kids on HWY 40, the Turnpike and Highway 24 isn't a saftey issue? I just hope for everyone's sake nobody gets hurt as a result of this.

concernedparent 11 years, 7 months ago

by the way, when they say 140 days, I'm assuming that's not counting weekends/holidays correct? So if they start May 1 and work 140 days, that puts it into November before the bridge is complete. So thats 4 months of school.

concernedparent 11 years, 7 months ago

In LJworld earlier in the week. Notice these men's addresses. The bridge being closed isn't going to affect their daily driving is it?

Bob Johnson

Party affiliation: Republican

Occupation: Chairman of the board for Charlton Manley Inc. Retired as chief executive officer of the Lawrence-based insurance brokerage in 1998

Political experience: Douglas County commissioner, 2001-present

Family: Married, eight children, 25 grandchildren

Address: 515 East 1550 Road, Baldwin

Contact information: (785) 594-6920,

Charles Jones

Party affiliation: Democrat

Occupation: Director of Kansas University's Public Management Center in Topeka

Political experience: Douglas County commissioner, 1999-present

Family: Married

Address: 501 Ohio

Contact information: 841-4598,

BabyJay13 11 years, 7 months ago

I live in east Lawrence, but I have family that lives literally not even a quarter of a mile on either side of the bridge. It isn't going to effect my husband and I from getting to my parents house, but for my family it will cause a lot of problems. Both of my parents work for the school district so they use that bridge A LOT!!!!!! I can't believe that the DG Co. commisioners are doing this to these people. They don't care about the saftey of the citizens of Lecompton and Perry, if they did they would be working harder with Jefferson Co. to get something done. My money goes to DG Co., and I can't believe the way they use our tax money. It is just ridiculous.

Richie Kennedy 11 years, 7 months ago

cp.. I am not old enough to experience it first-hand, but before the current bridge was built, the former "Carnival of Souls" bridge was closed frequently... then again, this was probably before the Lecompton Schools were merged into Perry.

Also, KDOT has frequenly posted long detours for road/bridge reconstructions. In fact, the Osaloosa district had to endure a long bus detour for their kids living off of Ferguson Road in Jeff. Co. because of the reconstruction of K-92. I know of several long detours that KDOT has posted on State Highways since.

Personally, I believe that JeffCo should consider taking their $400,000 and investing it rebuilding Lecompton Road.

oldgoof 11 years, 7 months ago

tkofford & lepchun: I'm not a Co Commr...don't even like a couple of them, but they are dead on correct on this issue.

I am a strong supporter of increased funding for public ed, and strong proponent of increased investment in highway programs in general for that matter. (I have lobbied and contributed for both) But that doesnt mean we all naturally deserve bridges and 4-lanes in our front yards because we want them or are used to them. These investments are very expensive.

Where I grew up many kids took 1 hr to 90 min. bus daily rides (each way)to our schools without thinking twice about it. I am not impressed at all by the magnitude of the hardship complained about here by those in DG County.

These repeated procamations about Lawrence citizens and Douglas Co. Commrs not caring for the "children" come off to me as being pretty damn cheap, offensive, and self-centered in my view. Hogwash too. Financing any public rural infrastructure anwhere is challenging, and is dependent on tradeoffs. This bridge access issue for one season may be a pain, but is a minor transitory issue for a very supurb public investment. Rather than acknowledging the investment being made, everyone seems to be complaining like spoiled children. So that is why I tounge-in-cheek suggest stopping any investment of others' money to fix the bridge and let all those people complaining to figure it out on their own.

I just am trying to remind those who drive the road that without thousands of taxpayers in the rest of DG County who already pay the vast majority of this bridge's expenses, THERE WOULD NOT BE A BRIDGE. End of story.

So Jeff Co people should pony up $$. Cheapies.... And Lecompton-ites should cool their friggin jets. You don't have a constitutional right for unfettered access over the river.

Re Businesses: Business owners locate next to roads everywhere next to benefit from traffic. When interchanges and roads are re-constructed or improved, there is a cost. That is just an unfortunate part of the cost of the benefit the rest of the time.........whether it is on Kellogg Ave. in Wichita or on a COUNTY road.

Go ahead, boycott Lawrence or whatever! Annex yourselves to Jeff County. See what that gets you. What wonderful teachers you are for the children you so openly profess to be interested in. With the entitlement attitudes many of you demonstrate to your children, it is no wonder why I sometimes fear for the future.

concernedparent 11 years, 7 months ago

You're right oldgoof, I am a horrible parent for wanting to make sure my kids are safe.

BabyJay13 11 years, 7 months ago

You aren't a horrible parent for wanting your kids to be safe.....Oldgoof just doesn't get it because he lives in the city limits. And they don't like kids to be on the buses any longer than they have to be any more.

Todd Kofford 11 years, 7 months ago

oldgoof, I bet you walked up hill 5 miles both ways to get to your school and didn't complain one bit.

The magnitude of a hardship depends on how it personally affects someone, so I can imagine that your not impressed since you obviously don't live in Lecompton or Perry. Also calling names (Cheapies, Lecompton-ites) lessens any real arguments that you might have in your posting.

However, you are still entitled to your opinion, just as the others on this board are.

BabyJay13 11 years, 7 months ago

The people that don't live in Perry or Lecompton or that do not have family that this directly impacts will not understand how much this is going to negatively effect these people.

lepchun 11 years, 7 months ago

I just hope I have raised my children to think of others and not to be mean or nasty when voicing their opinions. My concern is the safety for children as well as adults. That will be the winter season and accidents do happen in short runs but it also happens in long runs I drive to and from Kansas City and believe me it puts a strain on you, Can YOU even try to imagine what it is like to have a full bus of children? I'm sorry that you can't even try to see it through these parents eyes-oldgoof.

number3of5 11 years, 7 months ago

When the current bridge was built the old bridge was a wooden structure with one lane. Perry and Lecompton was one school district back then. While the new bridge was being built and the wooden one was unsafe for a school bus, the children rode a bus to one side, walked across and caught another bus on the other side. So a cat walk across for the students is not so far fetched. It would mean that construction would need to be stopped during the time the children were walking across for safety reasons. As for Jefferson county being cheapies, maybe we are but our tax base is not as large as Douglas county. The specified amounts were based on taxes not who is richer or poorer. This bridge is a boon to both counties. Not only for the children who attend the school, but for the people who work in lawrence or KC and live in Jefferson County. I don't think any of the small businesses located in Perry or Lecompton will go broke in the time it takes to rework the bridge, but it will surely be an inconvenience. If there can be an agreement reached to settle this matter it would be good for both counties. Douglas county commissioners, please listen to reason and try to reach a peaceful agreement with the residents of your county in Lecompton as well as those from Jefferson county.

oldgoof 11 years, 7 months ago

Sorry if I have offended others, but I too have been offended by the multiple posts accusing all with my opinion that we simply do not care about children, about our neighbors, or the effects of this inconvenience, etc. with the assumption that everyone else should finance this largely local short-term inconvenience.

Lepchun: Thought you lived in Lawrence.... Weren't you opposed to having the homeless shelter in your neighborhood? Have you ever volunteered at the LINK Kitchen? Is "Safety" really really at issue here? If so, shouldn't all citizens who drive those roads be concerned and demand safer highways in the detour locations? I really don't think so. It is time.

tkofford: Yes, definitions of hardship are relative, and based on ones perspective. And, yes, it is not an inconvenience I personally face. At some point, the dollar signs force prioritization of limited public resources, and I just draw the line differently than you.

I don't believe we are entitled to expect Cadillac public services....and sometimes the Ford we have has to go into the shop for service.

Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 11 years, 7 months ago

Johnson & Jones are idiots. They don't have to live with the problems created by going without the bridge for all that time. If county commissioners were elected by the county at large, rather than districts, those two would be flipping burgers come next election. Apparantly they don't have enough sense to listen to McElhaney, and two Jefferson County commissioners. Thank you, Lynn (Lecompton)

oldgoof 11 years, 7 months ago

Lynn: Another, perhaps more realistic possibility would be if the Commissioners were elected at large, that there would be three votes which would disappoint you.

If two of the three Jeff Co Commissioners agreed on something, what the heck is it? I didn't think Jeff Co. is contributing anything....or did I mis-read something? That is most of the point.

only1voice 11 years, 7 months ago

I live in Lecompton and I have a child in the 7th grade in Perry and also two small children in Lecompton,I am unsettled with the desion because I look at it in two ways, Yes, It Will Cause Hardship For My daughter and easy access to the thriftway and for my husband who crosses it every morning to go to work in North topeka,I just Hope and Pray My child doesnt fall Ill at school with My Other two in Lecompton, BUT the bridge HAS to Be Done,One way or another,I dont want My Children Growing Older and while Driving the Bridge Caves In,Losing a child Is worse than Losing 30 Min extra a Day. I do feel for the Parents who Have children driving now and the Panic they will experience with the Long detour, but Instead of Bickering, us as Parents in Lecompton Need to Get Together and Communicate amoungst each other and start Helping Our children in finding Safe Methods to School and School Functions NOW Before Its To Late, Because DG is Going to do this one way or another, Sooner OR Later, I have lived in Lecompton all my life,I know there are alot of Parents I would trust my Kids with,Together we can be our Childrens Gaurdian Angels and Help provide a Safe trip to and from School and Be a Provider For the wee ones when they are Ill and waiting On parents, Stay at home Mommys and daddys Need to Pull Togher to Help those who Work away as well.

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