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State school standards get F’s in science, math

September 2, 2006


Kansas public school curriculum standards got F's in math and science in a new report card issued by the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation.

The report looked at standards in each of the 50 states and failed Kansas for its math and science standards but scored it better in history, giving B's for both world and U.S. history. English standards were scored a C by the foundation.

Kansas school standards are set by the state board of education, much in the news after it revised science standards based on recommendations from intelligent design proponents.

But the foundation made withering comments about the math standards, too.

"More is not necessarily better, as proved by the Kansas math standards, which sprawl across 318 pages and use the phrase 'mathematical models' no less than 572 times," the foundation reported. "That reflects the obsession the state has with using physical objects to teach math concepts, so prevalent that, in the end, one can't decide if the models are meant to teach math or if math is just a hook for getting students to use models."


haspas 11 years, 9 months ago

Thank goodness some of our school districts are using their money for additional gymnasiums and plush outdoor sports parks, with indoor olympic pools, instead of beefing up math, science and pre-engineering. Thank goodness KU is paying Big Bucks to everything athletic while losing the confidence of the National Science Foundation.

We will need this additional emphasis on physical training because our "Dumbing Down Education Establishment" is insuring we will ride our bicycles to work and play while the Indians and Chinese drive their autos.

For goodness sake don't build a fence on our southern boundary. In a couple more generations, we may be trying to sneak across.

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