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September 2, 2006


Baldwin Boy Scouts took a summer high adventure expedition July 3-13 to Canada.

Troop 65 members went to Quetico Provincial Park, a 4,800-kilometer, lake-studded wilderness west of Thunder Bay, Ontario, and adjoining the Minnesota border. The Scouts were divided into two groups for their trek.

Scoutmaster John Richards and Assistant Scoutmaster Robert Lawrenz led scouts Brandon Baltzell, Keenan Coffey, Cole Gregg, Josh Hoffman, Sam Richards, Gregg Schiffelbein and Colby Soden.

Assistant Scoutmasters Brett Jones and Tom Wilson led scouts David Cook, Justin Cook, Jake Hogsett, Brian Jones, Logan Keener, Cameron Scruggs and Evan Wilson.

The Scouts received canoes and other equipment in Atikokan, Canada. They trekked almost 60 miles in six days in a region of lakes that average 130 feet deep, and camped on islands and peninsulas.

The expedition challenged the Scouts mentally and physically. In addition to paddling, they had to carry the 87-pound canoes, 80-pound food packs and back packs.

"You learn very quickly that you have to carry everything you need, so there was not a lot of wasted space," Richards said. "We were pretty efficient in what we brought."

The boys swam and fished; Josh Hoffman caught the most fish.

On the way to and from Quetico, scouts stayed at the Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp, which is on the Mississippi River at Houlton, Wis.


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